Another good day to close out a solid week at CFD! Hit a new PR on the power clean and I may have discovered a new least favorite exercise in the overhead walking lunge. In the words of Ron White, “that’s a handy piece of information to have right there.”

WOD for Friday 020312
Power Clean


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
30 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
15 Ring Dips

Stew was leading the WOD today and he warmed us up with some Medicine Ball tosses. Two sets two minutes each. First set was straight forward back and forth toss about 5ft between you and a partner. With an emphasis on staying up on the balls of our feet. I don’t know if it was intentional, but that meant I was more or less running in place while playing catch with a 16# Medicine Ball with Drew.

The second set was a bit more involved. Person A tosses to Person B. Person B tosses back to Person A. Person A drops the ball to the floor, leaving it behind. The athletes switch places and continue tossing in that cycle. Worked up a pretty quick sweat with that. In between sets we did some mobility stretching as well.

Power Cleans — Drew and I partnered for this as well. Sets of 3 reps at 75, 95 125 all went fairly well. I was concentrating on making sure that I shrugged the bar and didn’t let it curl too far out away from me. It seemed pretty smooth. A single lift at 135 also felt good. With two scheduled lifts left, I elected to go for a new PR. We set the bar for 155, my old PR. The first rep was successful, but sloppy. The bar went way out in front of me. I had to step up into it to catch it. Felt like I needed to repeat it on the last scheduled lift. The second time around was much better. We had all the plates and a bit of time, so why not? We set the bar for 165 and it was a decent lift. Drew’s observation was that the lift predominantly relied on my arms and that I hauled the bar most of the way to my shoulders with very little drop in my body. He’s of the opinion that I could lift a lot more. I don’t know about that yet. Generating speed from the floor is a real challenge once I get past 145.

I used this line earlier on the CFD site, but it bears repeating: “I don’t think I’ve ever done overhead walking lunges before. I’m certain I’d remember pain like that.” It was the last workout of the week, so why not be aggressive? I elected to do the overhead walking lunges at the Rx of 45#. It’s gonna be a couple of days before my arms forgive me for that decision. To compound the agony, the burning senstion in my hips going through those reps was brutual! Now, I’m pretty much just waiting for my knees to clinch up. That being said, while the sets were no where near unbroken and I had to lower it from overhead often, the plate did not hit the floor until all 30 lunges were completed. These weren’t manmaker tough but they’re way up there on the list of toughest exercises.

Ring Dips were all done with the assistance of a red band. First set was unbroken. Second set went 10-5. Third set, I think went 5-5-5.

I completed 4 rounds of the lunges and 3 full rounds of ring dips, plus 2 additional ring dips. A solid day’s work all around and a great way to lead off into the weekend.

Feb Flush Notes: Not much to add today. Headaches from the first two days have cleared. Definitely dropping a few pounds already, so that makes the commitment feel worthwhile. I laughed today as I rushed to the grocery store for more bananas. Bananas are the one fruit that seem to add a truly palatable texture to these shakes (which I’m consuming 3 a day). However, the plan is pretty clear that you shouldn’t have too many bananas on any given day because of their relatively high sugar content. I just found it very amusing that I’m currently thinking of bananas as a cheat food. That’s a strict diet.