Interesting day of successes and setbacks. I’m not even sure setbacks is the right word for it. But you’ll see what I mean…

WOD for Tuesday 020712
Parallette Shoot Throughs
50 Strict Reps

We did shoot throughs two weeks ago. At the time I labeled them as item #236 on the list of deceptively difficult maneuvers that I have yet to master. While I certainly haven’t mastered them, this week I can do them. Sometimes. So today, they move to the list of “Maneuvers Paul’s getting a handle on.” This list is far shorter than the “deceptively difficult” list. It’s longer than the “things Paul can actually do well” list and it’s growing. So that’s cool.

So what’s the difference in two weeks? Probably a combination of things. I think having a second go at it today is part of it. It’s not new anymore So the motions are just a bit more familiar. My technique, raw as it is, is just a hair better. I took the time to think about where I placed the parallettes today keeping them closer than last time. I my mind, this means my arms were just a skosh longer when I locked them out. I’m not inclined to believe my raw strength has imporved that dramatically in two weeks. I think the biggest difference is the 12lbs that I’ve dropped from around my mid-section doing the Standard Process cleanse. I honestly believe having less mass around my middle means I can get the tuck just a bit tighter.

And believe me it is JUST enough to make the difference. On most reps my toes are still scuffing the floor, but it’s not impeding me as I pass through from front to back. It took a while to find them too.

I did sets of 10 and 5 catching my feet on all of them. No good reps there. I walked away for a while, came back and got one clean rep in the next set of five. In the next set of 5 I was able to string them together in 2’s and 3’s. The last set of 5 went 3 and 2. It was very exciting. So that was the “up” for the day.

AMRAP in 6 minutes:
5 Press (80% 1RM)
10 Toes To Bar
Rest 3 minutes
AMRAP in 6 minutes:
5 Push Press (same weight)
10 Ball Slams

My 1RM for a strict press is 145. So 80% of that is 116#. I went with 115#. I was overly optimistic. I got through 4 complete rounds, but by the last round presses, I was SMOKED. My arms felt like they were at complete failure. I actually did 6 reps in the 3rd and 4th sets because I was unable to start the bar upward on the first rep without a dip drive. Once it was in motion I could keep it in motion, but I couldn’t get it off the shelf without using a push press. So I no-repped myself the first rep of each of those sets.

For Toes to Bars I scaled to Knees to Elbows, and like the shoot throughs, I can do them now! Sometimes. My knees didn’t touch my elbows every rep but they did for many of them, and that’s an improvement! Also the space between my knees and elbows on reps that didn’t touch were much closer than in the past. I attribute this to the reducing midsection as well. There’s simply less of me to have to work around. Another “up” for the day.

During the rest period, I stripped the 35# plates off my bar and threw on 25’s. I had to. Jack came by and helped me out with the transition and pointed out that push presses would be easier. He’s right, but I was in trouble with this one. I didn’t want to scale back, but I finally caught my breath and told myself, “check your ego.” It was the right answer. I was able to complete 5 full rounds at this weight plus a 6th round of push presses. If I’d stayed at 115, I doubt I would have completed two rounds. So that was the down or the setback for the day. I had to scale back on the fly.

It was disapointing to have to do that but it seems the bigger ongoing challenge is finding that line between truly challenging yourself every time you work out and having unrealistic expectations. Today I guessed wrong. Ah well. But as I continue to learn, that’s crossfit. One moment you’re celebrating a new move or a new pr. The very next you’re sucking wind on exercises that you’ve been doing for months. It’s part of why I love it.

This METCON chewed me up and spit me out. I mean when it was done I was sitting against the wall, eyes closed, praying someone would bring me some water because I didn’t trust my own legs kind of crushed. Great fun!

February Flush: OK so the headline is out. 7 days on the cleanse and I’ve dropped 12#. That puts me at 225#. That’s the weight that I targeted back in April of 2010. Back then with no real education or distinct plan I said I wanted to drop 50 lbs and get to 225. It’s pretty cool to finally accomplish a 2 year old goal and know that it’s not the end of the line. There are even better, lighter, fittter days ahead.  Please understand, I have no illusions here. I still have a spare tire around my midsection. However, compared to the tractor tire that I’ve hauled around for years, this is a bicycle tire and it continues to wear away, so I’m very proud.

Talked with Dr Stew this morning at the gym and I’m authorized to add some protein, specifically fish or chicken back in. 4 oz per serving, two servings per day. Looking forward to that. Also at his direction, I need to find some coconut oil and then review the recipes to figure out how to incorporate that into my diet.  I really didn’t know what to expect going into this process and I don’t know what the end result will be, but I’m estatic about the results so far. Discipline after February is going to be so important. Really need to start thinking about that now.