There’s lots of ground to cover today. So let’s dive in. The take away message of today’s post. I’m one lucky bastard. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. This post includes just a few.

Valentine’s Day Couples Throw Down.

Erin agreed to take part in the gym’s annual couples competition. I’m very appreciative to a lot of people for this one. Big thanks to Dave for a)hosting the event, b) permitting a non-crossfitter to take part, c) designing a challenge that a non-crossfitter could realistically participate in, d) letting us bring the kids to hang out, observe and experiment a bit on the equipment.

Mostly I’m so thankful that Erin was willing to take part. I’m so proud of her for joining in. She jumped right in. She didn’t bat an eye when Dave announced Ground to Overhead Barbell work for the first WOD. She more than held her own on the second WOD of 4 rounds 500M rowing/20 Wall Balls. I love so much that she was willing to walk into this competition with no formal training and make a run at it. I love that courage in her. If Ligo Dojo ever holds a community type workout or equivalent event, I’m pretty much automatically committed to take part and I look forward to representing well when the chance presents itself.

Monday’s WOD

WOD for Monday 021312 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat

Drew and I worked together again today. We warmed up with 135#. We then marched through 3 sets of 5 reps each at 185, 205 and 210#. By the time we got to 210. We both agreed the bar was getting pretty heavy. I was careless with my breathing today and really had to focus on inhaling at the top, holding the breath and rebreathing completely between reps. For the 3 sets of 3 reps each we worked 220, 230 and 240. All of those sets were successufl too. The 240 is a new PR for a 3 rep set of back squats. Very cool. I caught myself on the final rep of the final set gripping the bar too tightly. I was throttling it so tightly that it felt like I was pulling down on my own shoulders while trying to stand myself up. Talk about counterproductive!

AMRAP in 8 minutes:
15 Box Jumps – (24/20)
20 Burpees

Dave posted that standards for the box jumps would be to jump up, but step down. No rebound jumping. There’s been a fair bit of conversation in crossfit circles online about whether rebounding is dangerous. Some high profile athletes have suffered Achille’s injuries in the past month or so. My two cents on the standard, I like that Dave and the coaches implemented the “step down” rule for this METCON. While I’ve never experienced an injury from box jumps I like knowing that the staff is talking over the issue. I appreciate that they’re all aware of it, taking it seriously, discussing it and implementing steps to prevent athletes from risking injury. It demonstrates to me that as a group, they’re truly looking out for folks and I appreciate that.

Did it slow me down? To a degree, yeah, I expect so. Mostly because I haven’t practiced it that way in a while, so it was a new technique that had to be adapted to. Of course, the METCON itself kicked my a$$ in all on it’s own. So do I think stepping down deprived me of a “full workout?” Oh hell no! I was shot after this one. In total I did 2 full rounds, a third round of box jumps and 17 burpees. So just two shy of a full three rounds. That was a bit disappointing.

I’d gone into it thinking 4 rounds was probably overly ambitious, but that three should be attainable. Jack called out the time as I was completing my second round and it was obvious that 4 was way out of reach, and I was behind to even complete three. I am pleased that rather than resign myself to whatever score, the fight instinct kicked in today. I got angry and really chased that full three rounds. There were no pauses during that third round. So while I didn’t meet the goal, I’m satisfied with the effort and the attitude.

That one was a really great example of another simply brutal METCON. I mean two exercises right? Box jumps and burpees. Can’t be much more straight forwawrd than that. The element that surprised me was there was never a place to recover my breathing. Some WODs you find that during one of the exercises, even though you’re straining, you can at least catch your breath during that set. There was no opportunity to recover today. That caught me off guard. But all in all, great WOD.

Side Notes:

I ordered the Adidas lifting shoes. The entry level pair. I figure they’re a good first shoe for a novice lifter. Upside of having Erin lift with us on Saturday? Halfway through the Ground to Overhead WOD she went barefoot to get a better stance and feel for the floor. Later in the day she told me, “if you hadn’t already ordered the weightlifting shoes, I would have told to get them.” So score! I’m guilt free for the spend!

February Flush: Weight holding steady at 224 since the re-introduction of chicken at Day 8. It’s been a very interesting experiment. Stew said something to Kristin and I on Friday when he pointed out that part of the cleanse is working out exactly how little nutritious sustenance our bodies need in order to maintain themselves in a healthy way. To say that that concept is 180 degrees from how I’ve approached food in the past doesn’t do it justice. It’s solar systems away from my old thoughts and perception of food. If nothing else this really has been an amazing eduction for me with respect to nutrition. So for that I’m grateful.

Random thought: I have new motivation to work hard at ring exercises. Whirlwind was tossing off inversions on the rings like it was nothing on Saturday! In my head, I’m saying to myself, “Sonnuva…” While out loud I’m cheering him on with my whole heart. In fact, Erin can do them unassisted too. I’m very proud,and more than a touch jealous, of both of them.

Totally random thought: I really like my hands after several months of crossfit. They’re working hands again, a bit calloused, a bit cracked. They are no longer office hands…and I take an inordinate amount of pride in that.