I might have gotten stupid today and now I’m injured as a result. Fortunately, I don’t believe it’s serious. Like so many other things, I guess it’s part of the learning curve.

WOD for Friday 021712

I was so jacked up for cleans today, which is not normal for me. I’ve been making progress in the new year, but I still haven’t really sought them out. BUT my spiffy new weight lifting shoes arrived Wednesday, so I was chomping at the bit to do any lift today to try them out. I really like them. My feet felt so stable and secure through my lifts. In fact, I honestly think my shoes contributed to me injuring my wrist. More on that shortly.

Stew lead us through a great progression of drills with the PVC pipe really breaking down the elements of the lift at every stage. I found it very useful to walk through them focus on each element one piece at a time. It made putting them together later that much easier.

After warm ups, I went straight into the lifting. First round at 95 felt great. My feet just stuck to the floor without any wobble. My squats were deep and stable. Things felt like they were clicking. I did set number two at 95 as well just to reinforce the form. On ward to 115 for the third and final set of 5 reps. Again, the bottom half of my body felt really good. I felt like I wasn’t yanking the bar up to high, but really driving myself under it. Stew noted that I would benefit from having a straighter back and pinning my shoulders back more at the start of the lift. I tried to apply that and it felt even better. Things were moving so well, I went straight to my 3RM of 135 for the first set of 3.

All 3 lifts felt really good again. At this point I’m thinking, “Well, hell. Let’s finish the week big. I’m not coming back until Monday, so let’s leave it all on the floor.” I took the bar to 150. These were tough lifts but I got through them and they were reasonably good form. At this point, I’m flying! Feeling totally bulletproof. So why not? Let’s get 160. The first lift went ok. Stew warned me about getting my elbows up higher. I’ve heard this before. Jack gave me the same warnings on Tuesday when we were doing hang cleans as part of the METCON that day. After today, I’ll take it to heart.

Middle lift was really tough to stand up. I paused at the bottom of the squat to raise my elbows and get centered, then almost stalled just past half way point standing up. But it did stand up. Stew again warned me about my elbows.

Final lift — when I went down into my squat my elbows were WAY too low. So low that my left elbow jammed into my left thigh under the bar. The momentum of the still descending bar wrenched my wrist and thumb. The result was a shooting pain like a stinger from my fingertips all the way to my elbow. I collapsed to the floor and the bar crashed in the opposite direction.  Stew came over to check on me. I assured him I was ok, but done doing cleans for the day and I explained what happened. After he was confident I wasn’t seriously injured, like any good coach he rightly took advantage of the teachable moment and pointed out that if I’d gotten my elbows up and out like I’m supposed to, it’s impossible for that to happen. It is a lesson that I’m going to remember well for quite a while.

5 hours later, it’s still sore. If you were to lay your left hand palm down on the table in front of you, trace the line from the tip of your thumb all the way down to its base. Follow that same line all the way across your arm to the outside of your wrist. That’s where it hurts. Deep inside the arm in the muscles/tendons.

So the takeaways of the day: 1) New shoes very good, maybe a bit too good. 2) Listen to your coaches, they know what they’re talking about and it’ll prevent you from getting hurt. 3) Be aggressive. Don’t be stupid. Some days it’s a fine line.

30 Rounds For Time:
1 Pistol – right
1 Pistol – left
1 Deadhang Pullup

With the way my wrist felt I wasn’t sure if I could or should take part in the METCON, but I experimented with a couple assisted pull ups (blue band) and it felt fine for this exercise.

I did all pistols without a box, but holding onto the upright of the pullup rack for stability. It was an amazing display of how much weaker my left side is compared to my right. But there’s value in that. It motivated me to do all pull up reps 16-30 with my left foot in the band rather than the right. I decided if I’ve got instability, better to start addressing it immediately.

I think I finished the METCON in 10 minutes and change. I’m not 100% sure though. Since this morning, I’ve determined that gripping/pulling motions are generally ok for my wrist although it still aches. Pushing motions or efforts that require me to put significant weight on that hand/wrist are unbearable right now. No push ups for me this weekend. Hopefully by Monday, things will be back to normal.