So if Friday was aggressive and stupid today’s theme was conservative and cautious. Today was about working through and adapting to the adversity of injury.

WOD for Monday 022012
Front Squat

My wrist is still recuperating from Friday’s mishap and I had to be conscious of that today. I took advantage of the holiday and went to the 11:30 session rather than the 6:15. I figure why get up at dawn AND deal with the potentially icy roads when it wasn’t strictly necessary.Plus I got to WOD under the direction of a coach I don’t normally get to work with and make some new friends.

I was hoping to be stronger in the front squats, but didn’t account for just how much holding a bar in the racked position stresses the wrists. A single set at 95# was all I could manage. Frustrating, but hey it happens. After talking over things with Coach Anna I bowed out of the rest of the squats and prepped for the METCON

3 Rounds For Time:
5 Power Clean (155/105)
10 Pushups
15 Pullups

I was never going to be near 155# for power cleans. That’s more than my 1RM, but I also didn’t plan on cutting it by half, but that’s where I ended up today. Power cleans were done at 75#. Anna asked me if I’d be able to do pushups for the METCON. I told her I planned to scale them back and just do all push ups from my knees. She suggested ring push ups instead.

Anna felt ring pushups would allow me to keep the wrist locked and straight and that might not be as painful. Having smart coaches is the best! I was skeptical. I thought the instability of the rings would be more painful than standard pushups, but decided to experiment with it. Anna was right on the mark. Thanks, Anna!

Pull ups were all done with a blue band.

Total time to get through the METCON was 6:34.

Additional thoughts:

Working through and around this injury is going to be challenging. Figuring out how to adapt will be tricky. I’m thankful the coaches are there to help.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Standard Process Cleanse under Coach Stew’s guidance. I weighed in a 220.5 today. Very cool. That’s almost 18 pounds lost in 21 days! I’m really looking forward to getting my bio-metrics done Wednesday to see how those numbers line up. The next step is to discuss what the process/schedule is for integrating foods back into my diet.

I’m thinking that Sundays are going to become my “cheat day” where I’ll allow myself a coffee and pancake breakfast with the kids again. Otherwise, I really want to maintain as strict a diet as I can here.

Working out at 11:30 was somehow more civilized than 6:15. That’s for sure. There’s just something about coming into and out of the gym in the full light of day that takes the edge off the experience for me. It’s not better or worse and the WOD certainly isn’t any easier at midday than dawn. But the experience is definitely different. Of course, come July when the 6:15 crew is running in 60 degree heat and the 11:30 crew is running in full Durham Summer sun, we can have another conversation about who has the more civilized WOD. 😉