Had a much better workout than I anticipated. Another example how solid coaching can guide a novice through the various challenges of crossfit, such as ‘playing injured.’ Having a great workout partner helps too.

WOD for Wednesday 022212

In reading this WOD last night, I was really concerned. I wasn’t confident how my hand would hold up to heavy  dead lifts. My grip on my sore left hand still isn’t full strength. My goal for the day was to work on form. If I was really lucky, I might work up to my current 3RM of 265#. However, I was prepared for an off day.

Drew and I worked together again today. I really enjoy working with Drew. I’m finding that we lift pretty compatible weights for several lifts, so it’s an efficient process for us to team up. Of course, I probably outweigh Drew by 40 pounds, so on a percentage of bodyweight basis, he’s far stronger than I am.

We began at 135#. I was tentative on the first few lifts, anticipating pain at the base of my thumb, but things felt ok. We moved quickly on to 185# and 225#. Each set of 5 felt good. I was constantly aware of my grip and willing to dump the bar if I felt any unnecessary pain, but things felt ok.

We did the first set of 3 reps at 245#. It was pretty smooth. I found I had to really concentrate on my breathing at this weight. I asked Drew where he wanted to go for the next set of three and he suggested 275#. It was more than I intended to lift, but things seemed safe, so ok. We both agreed that the difference between 245 and 275 was significant. It was a big jump, but we got all three lifts.

Finally we moved up to 295#. I’m not sure if that was Drew’s intended goal for the day or if it was a matter of convenience since we had two 25# plates lying around from an earlier lift, but we went for it. It was a tough three reps, but we both got it. Drew noted that even at that weight, I still maintain a ‘standard’ hook grip with both hands palms back, knuckles forward. He suggested that if I tried a reverse grip with one hand palm forward, I might be able to manage more weight. I’m not sure. The issue for me with deadlifts has never been in my grip. It’s always in my legs and back.

I’ve only monkeyed with that alternate grip a few times and I’m not comfortable with it. I feel off-balance and lopsided with my hands facing different directions. But I’ve got a question for folks who do use it. When you use it, do you go palm forward with your dominant or weak hand? And what’s the logic? Is there a standard to it? Or is it simply what feels stronger to the individual? Just curious.

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
3 Push Press (60% 1RM)
6 Front Squats
9 KB High Pulls (heavy) – use two hands

This METCON also had me concerned. My 1RM for Push Press is 165#. Sixty percent of that is 99#. Given how things went in Monday’s WOD, that sounded like an awful lot of pressure on my wrists. I talked to Coach Stew about it. I thought I’d simply scale way back to around 75# or so. That way I’d be working the prescribed exercises at a relatively pain-free weight. He suggested using a kettle bell for all exercises to avoid the pain altogether. Smart professional coaches are worth their weight in gold as far as I’m concerned. I experimented with a 52# kettle bell, but it was bending my wrist back too much for my comfort, so I went with a 44#.

It was a tough workout! I got through 8 full rounds + 12 additional reps. I was 3 reps into the 9th round of high pulls when Stew called time. At the midpoint, Stew called out the time and challenged everyone to at least match the number of sets completed in the second half. I was finishing the 4th round right at the 5 min mark, so I was pleased that I actually got more rounds/reps in the second half. Nice not to have a let down.

Random Thoughts:

we weren’t able to test the biometrics with Stew today. Hope to do it tomorrow and report back on them then.

Given this is my first day after the cleanse, I allowed myself the indulgence of a leisurely mug of coffee this morning. I don’t intend to get back into the habit of drinking it daily, but I have missed the routine of a cup of coffee more than the taste or caffeine addiction. My plan at this stage is to allow myself a mug a week during the family’s traditional Sunday pancake breakfast. I will say that for a while there this morning my mind was absolutely racing on the caffeine. I mean it felt like my brain wanted to crawl out my ear and sprint around the block! Wild.