Whoo@! What a morning! It’s Friday, so you know that means I was dancing along that line between aggressive and stupid again. As Brandon pointed out, it seems to be a recurring theme. Ha!

WOD for Friday 022412
Power Snatch

I knew going in that snatches were going to be a real challenge today with my sore wrist. So I had no goals in terms of how much weight I would lift. My focus today was on finding any weight that didn’t hurt excessively and then really concentrate on form. I wanted to take the time to focus on being explosive once the bar comes past my knees and concentrating on my shrug and upward pulls.

Over the course of the morning I worked up to 95#. Stew taught me something about the snatch that I either didn’t know before or had lost track of over time. He pointed out that when doing snatches, you really shouldn’t allow your wrists to roll over backwards as I’m inclined to do. He showed me how to adjust my grip to really keep my wrists closer to neutral. It was a big help for the remaining lifts.

21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Run 400m

This is where things got aggressive and borderline stupid. Rx for the deadlifts was 225#, right? The remaining instruction was “if not doing Rx, do 60 of your 1RM DL.” My last tested 1RM was 310#. 60% of that is 183#. That seemed light, so I elected to scale up to 205#. 67.5% of 310#. It may seem random, but I last tested that 1RM well before the first of the year. I also successfully did 295# three times earlier this week. So the scale up seemed aggressive, but not unrealistic.

Just before getting started, Stew observed my bar and asked if I was going Rx. I told him no and told him the weight. His answer, “Oh, just put the 20#’s on the bar and go Rx.” I’d been toying with the idea so this was the nudge I needed to go for it. I slapped 20 more pounds on the bar and off we went.

The short version is I got through it in 16:54. It was a SAVAGE workout. I was the last one done, but I don’t care. I’m proud of this one. We could debate all day whether it was a good idea or not, but in the end I believe it was. It was a hell of a challenge and I really feel like I conquered this one. That’s not a perspective I’ve had before with regards to a WOD.

Big props to Stew for a host of reasons: 1) For pushing me outside of my comfort zone and issuing the challenge. I appreciate having coaches that care enough to continue to challenge all of us. 2) For keeping a very careful eye on me throughout the entire WOD. It seemed like he was at my side for every rep, encouraging, coaching my technique and talking me through it. That was hugely appreciated. I would not have gotten through this WOD alone. 3) For giving me the option to scale back to 205# as we went into the round of 15. But at that point, I wasn’t going to take an out.

Hey, Stew — That one was definitely squirrelly! I take back all the mean thoughts and obscenities that I was hurling in your general direction in my mind. I saw a t-shirt advertised this week that said, “I may look calm, but in my head I’ve already killed you 3 times.” Let’s just say that in my mind, you suffered all manner of ugly pain while I was out running the 400’s. I even take back telling you I didn’t like you very much between rounds. You’re a big boy, I knew you could take it. 😉

Big thanks to the entire 6:15 crew too! Stew and my exchange at the front end of the WOD took place across the entire gym, so everyone knew that I’d scaled up. Everyone was HUGELY supportive cheering and pushing me on. That camaraderie is SO important. Thanks, gang. I look forward to returning the favor to each of you in turn.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to follow Dr. Stew’s orders and go refill my ice bag and ice my back a while longer. While I’m feeling fine right now, I want to ensure that I don’t take any chances and screw something up. Pretty handy having a coach that’s also a physician. It’s very convenient some days.