Some days the challenge is in your head, not out on the floor, or on the road. Today was one of those days. I spent way too much time unsuccessfully talking myself into things that at my core I expect I’m perfectly capable of.

WOD for Tuesday 022812 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Take 20 minutes to establish max height box jump

I was SO jacked up for box jumps! Jess and I were talking Monday as we rode home from yesterday’s WOD and I mentioned how I wanted to see box jumps come around again. It’s been months since I’ve had a chance at them and I was really eager to see if I could set a new PR for this. I think Dave’s got my Mustang bugged! 😉

When they came up on the blog last night, I was stoked! I mean I’m practically 20 lbs lighter. I’m faster. I’m stronger. This should have been an epic sort of day….yeah, not so much.

I warmed up on a 30# box. Those jumps were fine. Very solid. Very stable. Good confidence boosters. Then onto a single 45# plate, roughly a 4″ addition. On the very first attempt, as I swung my hands up, I rapped the knuckle of my third finger on either the metal platform or the plate itself. Either way, I laid it open and wound up with a very bloody knuckle. Now in my head box jumps = pain. This does not build confidence going forward.

In my head, I’m arguing,
“Was I too close?”
“Well obviously, Schmuck!”
“Well, maybe my feet were good and I just over extended my reach.”
“Stop thinking. Just jump!”

I did the 34″ jump again. May have even stuck it twice more, but I got that one under my belt without too much issue. After that, I think I went after 2 45# plates, so roughly 38″. I tried several times and couldn’t talk myself into it and as a result couldn’t make the leap. I attempted it several times, but couldn’t land it.

So this is the point, I start channeling Al Franken’s old SNL character Stuart Smalley. I must have looked a bit ridiculous because for most leaps I was standing around looking like this guy. (Thanks YouTube)

I’m literally telling myself before each jump. “I’m lighter. I’m stronger. And doggone it, I’m going to jump right up there.” Somehow the message wasn’t getting to my legs though. Apparently, I need a different inner voice coach. 😉

One of the other athletes, Sarah, set me up with a 45 and 25 plate, and I could stick that after a leap or two. Then I got two 45’s, and finally 2 45# plates with a green training plate inserted between them. I thought that was a PR and grabbed my tape measure. But no, the combination of plates still only stacked up to 38″! Matched the old PR. Blast! I know the strength is there. I just need to make up my mind to do it.

It probably shouldn’t bother me too much, but I’ve been on a real tear in February. It’s been a phenomenal month, for which I’m very thankful. I really just wanted to end the month with a big hit. Ah well, that’s Crossfit, always finding new and creative ways to keep me humble.


On the minute for 10 minutes:
3 Box Jumps (80% of 1RM height)
3 Rounds
400m Sprint
Rest 3 minutes

I used a 24″ platform and a couple 45# plates to get to the roughly 30 or 31″ for the 10 minutes of box jumps. Those were all smooth. In fact, on one of the first jumps, I was a bit too emphatic. I didn’t clear the box, but did land on the far side of the plates/platform on one jump. Apparently,that was the jump of the day.

Runs were decent. Both my first and third jumps came in at 1:34. Those are very solid times for me. Middle run was a disappointing 1:40+.

Ah well, we’ll keep at it. We’ll get another shot at it another day.