So the  work out today was fine. I’m officially playing hurt though with “traumatic tendonitis” in my left thumb and wrist. Seems I’ll be modifying my work outs for a while to adjust and recover.

WOD for Thursday 030112
Turkish Get Ups

Honestly, I probably pushed these harder than I should have. It wasn’t really an issue of the weights held in the left hand. As long as I can maintain a neutral grip I don’t really have pain in my wrist. The bigger problem was that during right handed reps, there are two points where your left hand is planted on the floor and your left arm becomes one leg of a tripod supporting a portion of your body weight, plus the kettle bell. That stage of the maneuver both going up and coming down was pretty painful today.

I did 2 reps each arm at 30, 35, 40 and 44 pounds. Plus one rep each arm at 52 lbs. I actually did the round of 52 before the round 44. It was pretty painful, so I scaled back to the 44 and skipped the 10th round.

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
5 Pullups
10 Situps
15 Air Squats

I really liked this METCON. This might be the first time I’ve said that about a 20 min METCON. The things that pleased me:

1) Pull ups — I did all pull ups band free! Mind you they were all jumping pull ups, but I still consider that progress over being dependent on a band. Jack has said that he actually prefers it as the scale as opposed to bands, for most of us in the 6:15 crew. So I’ll continue to try and make that my go to technique, when I get back to pull ups. There were a few reps today where when I jumped up and gripped the bar the transition was kind of abrupt and I jarred the heel of my hand into the bar. That sent a jolt all across the base of my hand and up my thumb. No bueno.

2) Pace — This is the first time I can remember that I set a solid sustainable pace for the full 20 min. Typically on WODs of this duration, I get 3/4 of my work done in half the time, then fall all apart and get 1/4 of the work done in the second half. Today I hit a good groove that I was able to maintain start to finish. I might have actually completed one more round in the second half than in the first half, but my notes aren’t that clear. It was close.

In all, I completed 13 full rounds plus 3 more pull ups.

The Injury

So back on Feb 17, I jammed up my left wrist and thumb doing cleans. I’ve been icing it and nursing it to some degree. Taking Ibuprofen if it ached too much since the injury happened, but it’s been bothering me enough that I decided after 10 days, I’d better get it checked out thoroughly.

A few x-rays later, we’ve confirmed that nothing is fractured. Great news. A visit with an occupational therapist today resulted in an official diagnosis of “traumatic tendonitis.” Which honestly sounds a bit made up, but hey.

The remedy going forward is to wear a splint pretty much 24/7 for the next three weeks and to rest the wrist and thumb completely. No lifts, pulls, rows, etc for the duration. My intent is to really follow this to the letter. Because if the hand isn’t recovered after this 3 week period, then the next step is an appointment with a hand surgeon/specialist to discuss treatments of injections or potentially surgery. I really don’t want to walk down either of those paths.

I have to say, I’m really pleased with and thankful for the response from the coaches and crew at CFD. I made an abbreviated FB post today and the folks who have responded have all been very encouraging and have offered some great advice already on how to continue to stay aggressive with my workouts, but avoid stressing the wrist. I really appreciate that reaction from everybody. It’s really helped my mindset about this. Thanks, all.

I’m planning on wearing the splint to the gym mostly as a reminder that even though there are exercises that I can do with the left hand that don’t cause pain, they still may not be a good idea. Just because it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean I should do it. The splint will serve as a physical reminder to myself “don’t go there.” Not to mention the limited range of mobility and grip impingements that the splint cause.

This is going to be an interesting recovery. Before Crossfit, I would have just laid down with an injury like this. “Oops. Doctor says don’t stress it. Better to just give up exercise for a month.” Not this time. There are too many smart people around me who can help keep moving me forward, even if I have to do it one-handed for a while. 😉