So today was the first day I’ve worked out with the splint and declared the left hand unusable. It made for some interesting modifications and a solid learning experience.

WOD for Friday 030212
Obviously, with the splint I sat out the cleans. Stew pointed out that I could do kettlebell work with the right hand to substitute. Looking at the METCON though, it looked to me like we’d all get plenty of kettle bell work later in the morning. So I elected to work on other things.

I’ve been curious about the GHD sit up rig for some time. Without ever having done one, GHD Sit ups have been an intimidating exercise for me. When I was going through foundations in August, I recall Dave introducing us to the racks and showing us how to incorporate back extensions into our warm ups. He also demonstrated and explained GHD sit ups. Dave was very clear that it was an “advanced” exercise that should be given a very healthy sense of respect. He impressed on us that even the most experienced athletes can injure themselves pretty quickly if they get carried away doing them. Being a novice, I’ve just steered clear of the racks entirely since then. There were plenty of other things to hold my attention and focus on.

Lately though, I’ve wanted to experiment with them. Yesterday, Jack showed me the appropriate distance to lock in the foot rests/anchors in order to position my hips correctly over the front pads. And he’s encouraged me to incorporate a few into my morning warm ups. Today, since I had plenty of time while others were doing cleans, I decided to do rounds of 10 GHD sit ups and 10 Back Extensions. Nothing frantic, nothing hurried. No time constraints. I just wanted to get a sense of what it would feel like. I literally did 10 reps of each, got off the rack, walked a bit, grabbed a drink. Very casual.

It was interesting to me that by just the third round, I couldn’t do the rounds of sit ups unbroken. I think I did 5 and 5. Fourth round I almost got off after the 8th rep, but decided “don’t be lazy” and did the last two. They were tough. Overall, I’m feeling very “extended” now, 5 hours later. I haven’t measured myself, but I feel taller.

This question didn’t occur to me while I was at the gym, and I’ve posted it a couple other places on-line, but I’m still wondering…how high should the foot anchors/pads be set for a “normal” GHD sit up? Should they be set so the feet are on the same horizontal plane as the hips resting on the forward pads? Are there advantages/disadvantages/risks to having the feet higher than the hips? Just curious.

For Time:
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Double Unders
2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 KB Swings (52/35)

Given I’m playing one-handed I did parallette jumps in place of double unders. I also elected to use 35# for the one arm KB Swings.

Parallette jumps went much better than anticipated. The round of 20, and all sets from 10 down were unbroken. Rounds 18 through 12 had interruptions, but still I was satisfied.

KB swings were all American swings. All rounds through 14 were unbroken. The last three had one break each to reset my grip. I felt like I was going to launch the KB. While my arm is very tired I will say that after doing 110 one-arm swings today with 35#, I realize now that once my left wrist is healthy again, I really have no excuse to use anything less than 52# for any future WODs with KB swings.

Finished the WOD in 7:16