One of those days that required a lot of improvisation and on the fly adjustments. Still, it was a great workout. I’m just thankful the coaches are helping me find ways to stay in motion.

WOD for Tuesday 030612
Weighted Pullups/Chinups

On the minute for 12 minutes:
3 Weighted Pull Ups
Max Rep Power Cleans 75%-80% of 1RM

I looked at this WOD Monday night and thought, “Well, Hell. If ever there was a day I could justifiably bail on a scheduled workout day and skip, this is it.” I mean really. Weighted Pullups/Chinups, with a splint on my wrist? Right. Power Cleans? Not so much. But, I’ve still got three working limbs and I’m determined to keep using them best I can. The coaches have all assured me that we can work around the wrist. So the challenge is on them. I just have to continue to show up and do as I’m instructed. It’s up to the coaches to show me how to take advantage of what’s left. So far, Jack has proven to be more than up to the challenge. 😉 I’m confident all the other coaches are as well and look forward to seeing what they dish out.

With respect to today, Jack and I talked early on and we agreed on the following custom WOD:

Pistols for the strength/skill portion. METCON On the minute for 12 minutes: 3 pistols each leg, then Max KB cleans.

I grabbed a 17″ box and got to work on the pistols. Think I did between 8-10 sets of 2 or 3 reps each leg over the course of 20+ minutes. I attempted some roll ups on a gym mat for some variety, but abandoned those pretty quick. Found I was hyper-aware about banging my wrist anywhere, so I was focused on my arm rather than my legs and feet. It was an exercise in futility, so I went back to the pistols.

Near the end of the 20 minutes, Jack came by, observed some of my reps and offered some tips. He also told me that for the METCON, “go ahead and do 2 reps each leg rather than 3”. At that point my thought process went something like, “Great. We haven’t even started yet and we’re scaling the scaled METCON. Nice.” Given the way my legs felt though, my immediate next thought was, “thank you.”

The METCON turned out to be very challenging. I was a sweaty mess by the time it was over. I used a 35# KB for the cleans. In hindsight, it was a bit too light. By the time 12 rounds were done, I’d done 157 one arm cleans. I probably would have done well to go with a 44#. Beyond the number of reps, another clue that the 35 was too light? On more than one rep, I punched through too hard and actually popped myself under the chin with the KB handle. It’s an interesting way to teach yourself to learn self control. You wouldn’t think a person would make a mistake like that more than once, but some days I’m a slow study.

Pistols, particularly on the left leg got really tough somewhere around the 8th minute. I was trying very hard to just let my butt kiss the box without resting on top, but more often than not, I ended up planting myself in a full seated position.

Intuitively, 36 pistols on each leg doesn’t sound like a whole lot to me. HOWEVER, I’m not too proud to admit that 8 hours later, ALL of the ‘sitting’ muscles are very sore. I’m definitely looking forward to some foam rolling later today.

Final thought: Check out this article at Crossfit Durham.  The crew over there flattered me by including me in the first profile for their new Athlete Spotlight feature. I’m really looking forward to reading future stories about other folks at CFD. There are some incredible characters over there with amazing stories.