Solid day today. Nothing monumental, but thankful to be in motion. Learned some new stretches which I’ve been instructed are to become part of my permanent morning warm up ritual. I always appreciate learning something new. BTW — if you were at CFD this morning, did you smell what I smelled?

Here’s the programmed WOD for Friday 031612
Power Clean

Jack started us all off by warming us up doing some mobility work on our shoulders. He showed us how to use a racked barbell to rollout our shoulders as well as using bands hung from the pull up rig to extend our flexibility and improve our mobility specifically for the cleans. While he didn’t actually tell me they’re required, Jack made it abundantly clear that he expects these techniques to become part of my every day warm up routine. Duly noted….Actually, I take that back. I think he did announce to the rest of the crew that these were now pretty much assigned stretches for my morning warm up.

Works for me. Anything that’s going to improve my mobility and avoid another injury like this one is a welcome new weapon in the arsenal. I was reflecting on it while we were stretching. I’d be curious to know how many more people have been injured doing cleans vs. other lifts. I know lots of people, myself included, don’t like the snatch. But I’m willing to wager the clean is responsible for a lot more injuries around the box.

Since power cleans are still out of the question, I did landmine one arm pulls. I modeled my lift sets same as the power cleans. Sets of 5 were done at 65#, 75# and 95# and they all felt fine. I was careful not to plant my off hand on the box that I was using for support during those lifts. First set of 3 was done at 120#. It was tough, but not too bad. Next set I went after 130#. I couldn’t do a strict arm only rep at that weight without bracing myself with the off hand, so I bailed on that set. I moved back to 122.5# and did another strict set of three. At that point, Jack pointed out that I was still doing strict arm only lifts and it was acceptable to add some hip and body to the lift. So I went back to 130 done that way, I was able to move that safely. Safe enough in fact that I went and did a 7th set of 3 at 145#.

5 Rounds For Time:
10 Power Clean (135/95)
10 Burpees

I modified this to 5 rounds of one arm land mine pulls done at 65# and 10 jumping squats. I was done in under 4 minutes. Everyone doing the prescribed WOD took nearly twice as long to finish. In hindsight, I probably either should have increased the weight and/or reps, or taken the initiative to keep going and do more total rounds. Ah well, this is how we learn.

Random Thought: Did anyone passing in or out of the gym around 7:15 this morning smell that glorious bacon scent wafting on the air?! Please don’t tell me it was some sort of olfactory hallucination. Where on God’s green earth was that coming from? We have to figure that out. If it was Geer St. Garden prepping for their lunch crowd, the we have to storm them and DEMAND they open for breakfast hours. It smelled fabulous and coming straight out of the WOD, I would have paid handsomely to eat my body weight in quality bacon!

I know it wasn’t Kings. I checked! I was hoping maybe they were open and serving some sort of breakfast sandwich, but sadly no. I was forced to go home and have a couple hard-boiled eggs. I want FULL credit for NOT stopping at one of the numerous crap food chains that litter my route from CFD to home and consuming any of a half a dozen breakfast gut bombs! I think I showed incredible restraint. Of course the steering wheel has teeth marks on it, but that can be replaced.