As  much as I enjoyed yesterday’s WOD  I was equally out of control, out of synch and defeated by today’s WOD…for a while. Some days it’s mental.

WOD for Friday 032312

When I looked at this WOD Thursday night, I wasn’t excited about it, but I didn’t think too much about it. Snatches are not a favorite lift. But I figured, “eh, I’ll go easy and test out the wrist.”

Turned out my wrist was the least of my problems. I was late to the gym. Just failed to set an alarm. I arrived to see the last of the 6:15 crew was turning the corner headed out Foster St. for a lap around the old ball park in the fog. I parked the car, dropped my bag and took off running.

That’s pretty much the story of this WOD and the day as a whole. I’m just about 2 minutes out of synch with the rest of the world. Have been from the moment I woke up.

During snatches, I never found a rhythm to get all the various limbs in motion in the right sequence for clean lifts.

3 Rounds For Time:
15 Power Snatch (115/75)
50 Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups

So this is where it all went Titanic. First round I had 75# on the bar and was using a 17″ box for the pull ups. Snatches continued to confound me. Given that, I was really trying to concentrate on form for each rep. That made me terribly slow. I’m reasonably sure that I was the last person off the rig for pull ups as well and I was already EXHAUSTED.

Plodding through the second round energy, attitude and form deteriorated with each rep. I scaled to a 20″ box for the pull ups. 4 snatches into the third round the gym started to spin. I was done. I walked away from the bar, signaled to Coach Ashley T that I quit and sat on the floor leaning against the dumb bell rack to recover my equilibrium.

WODs have beat me down before. I’ve never not finished. I sat with my hat over my eyes mulling that over for close to 2 minutes. Finally, I figured, “hey, I’m done. It’s almost 7:15. Time for the next group to start. I might as well clean up after myself.

As I was stripping the plates off the bar to put them away I scanned the gym watching the rest of the 6:15 crew finish up. Something clicked in my head. I just decided, “FUCK IT! This is NOT going to be my first DNF! Not today! Forget time! Forget form. Just do the damn reps.” People often talk about positive talk. I understand it. It can be useful. But not for me today. Some days I just have to get pissed off at myself.

But I got back to it. After 11 of the ugliest snatches in history, it was time to trudge back to the pull up rig and bang out 50 jumping pull ups. Late in the set my chin was barely clearing the bar, so I won’t claim CTB. But by GOD, my head cleared the bar 50 times! So if nothing else today, I can say I completed the WOD.

The remaining 6:15’ers were very supportive when they realized that I was getting back in the game and their encouragement is greatly appreciated. Jonathan D and Renee were particularly helpful standing near by, keeping me moving, counting reps and providing encouragement. Thank you both. I do appreciate it. Coach Ashley T came by afterwards and told me she was proud of me for finishing out the WOD. Thank you, Coach. Physically, there wasn’t much positive to take away from today’s WOD. Mentally, I consider this one a small victory.