Being Monday and having two consecutive days of rest might have something to do with a better performance today too. Best not to over analyze it and just enjoy it, I guess. I also learned that the Whirlwind is stronger than I am. It was never really in question in his mind, but I had to test the theory today. 😉

WOD for Monday 032512
Back Squat

I could get excited for back squats. I headed in today knowing my 1RM is still 295. I was hopeful to crack 300 today. First set 225 x 3– pretty smooth. This set concerned me to start. Bad Monday Math bit me again. I thought I was lifting 205 and was surprised at how tired I felt with it. Then I redid the math and went, “oh, 225?! No, that feels about right.” I did 2 sets of three at 245. Jack observed one set and said I was folding my upper body forward. So I should focus on staying more vertical through the torso throughout the entire lift. Check. He also warned me that only two out of three lifts were deep enough. The middle one was not deep enough.

Did the first 1 x 1 at 265. Seemed pretty solid.   Second set of 1 at 275 really went smoothly. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jack observing the lift. You know your coach cares and wants you to succeed when you see them applying their own body English  mimicking your lift in the middle of your rep. As I was finishing the lift straining to return the bar to the rack, I could see Jack arching his own back and shoulders. Looked like he was trying to transfer a little mojo my way. I’ve seen him do it during other people’s lifts as well. Thanks, Jack. I appreciate it. I’ll take the help where ever I can get it. 😉

I took one shot at 300 lbs today. This is not the first time I’ve chased 300 and couldn’t get it. Actually, let’s amend that. I didn’t get it. Today’s challenge…I allowed myself to be pushed too deep in the hole and as soon as my hamstrings started to relax, I allowed the bar to push me all the way down so that my haunches were up against the backs of my calves. When I felt that, I surrendered, feeling trapped and I bailed rather than fighting my way out. Jack and Brandon who observed the lift and the lift prior at 275 are both confident that I can lift 300. It’s funny how someone else’s confidence in your ability counts for quite a bit. Even though I failed today, I’m looking forward to back squats coming around again soon.  Squatting 1.25 times my own body weight is a pretty good feeling its own right, so it was a good session.

Complete 5 rounds:
30 Seconds Max Reps with One Arm KB Push Press (RT) – (52/35)
30 Seconds Max Reps with One Arm KB Push Press (LT) – (52/35)
1 Minute of Isometric Plank Hold
No rest between rounds.

I monkeyed around with a lot of different kettle bell weights for this WOD before we got started. 40# felt too heavy against my left wrist. 25# felt too light all the way around. In the end, I elected to work with 30#. There wasn’t time to track the number of reps completed round by round. I do know that I finished the WOD with 115 total reps. I also know the first round I completed 23 presses right-handed and 12 left-handed. I suspect that the 2:1 ratio right to left hand was reasonably consistent throughout the WOD.

Plank holds are deceptively difficult! Jack established at the start that planks held on the elbows would be considered Rx. Planks held on the hands in a raised push up position would be considered scaled up. Whirlwind and Erin do plank holds in their dojo from time to time. I wanted to be able to chat that up with the boy at breakfast.

So for the first round, I did the plank hold in the raised push up position arms extended. I did them on closed fists a) because I know that’s how the boy and Erin do them and b) it was actually more forgiving on my wrist to hold a neutral wrist. I’m pleased to say I got the first plank hold unbroken. In hindsight, if I’d truly wanted to do them dojo style, I would have shifted myself on the floor slightly so I was on the plywood lifting platform not the rubberized floor. No floor mats in the Karate dojo. What can I say? The Whirlwind is still tougher than Daddy. 😉

Second round I wanted to compare the positions, so I did the plank hold on my elbows/forearms. I know Jack said extended arms was Rx+ but for me, the Rx was MUCH harder to maintain. I did it for this round, but it hurt like hell!  Last three rounds were all done in combinations of straight-arm and elbows. I never took a knee, but I piked once briefly each round. No denying it.

Overall, it felt good to have a relatively uneventful WOD today after Friday’s misery.