Was nervous about how the WOD would go. Was concerned about how my wrist would do. I really should stop worrying/thinking about it so much and just do the work. Let the body dictate how things will go, not the brain. After today, I’m done talking about this wrist. I’m guessing that’s a relief to most of you.

WOD for Tuesday 032612
Handstand Pushups/Muscle Ups

For Time:
Run 800m
5 Handstand Pushups
2 Muscle Ups
Run 400m
10 Handstand Pushups
4 Muscle Ups
Run 200m
15 Handstand Pushups
6 Muscle Ups

Jack advised that for the first portion of the WOD he’d prefer that we focus on one exercise or the other. I wanted to do HSPU’s, so I found a spot on the wall to experiment. I can hold a handstand but not as long as I could before injuring my wrist. Guess that’s to be expected. Flexing my arms to lower my head to the floor was unreasonably painful so I abandoned handstand work.

Using a blue band, I set up a swing for myself in the rings. It took a few iterations, but I finally found the right tension where my arms were mostly extended, and it was a challenge to lift my own weight, but I was still supported and not at a full dead hang. From there I could yank myself up through the rings into the top of the dip position. Very cool. It’s always a thrill to me when we’re shown scales that are as close as possible to the prescribed exercises. In  my novice opinion, this is much closer a muscle up than 3 pull ups and 3 ring dips which are the commonly prescribed substitutes. I understand the need to master those in order to get to the stage where I can do a muscle up. But this just feels much closer, so I enjoy it more.

Using the band assistance, I could do 2 sometimes 3 consecutive reps. In the time available I did 6 or 7 sets. I need to get more disciplined on days like this to really adhere to the “x number of reps every minute on the minute for 20 minutes” technique. I get puttering around resting, watching other people work, etc. and I’m cheating myself out of a better workout.

The grip for the muscle up finally clicked for me today. Folks have instructed me the proper grip before, but somehow I never comprehended that the wrists really should be resting against the inside of the rings at the start. Leave it to Jack to come up with a baseball analogy to drive that home for me. He showed me how to set my hands in the rings, then said, “ok, now choke up on the rings.” Instinctively, I rotated both hands inward. “Exactly,” Jack said. So I’ve got it now.

It also surprised me at what a big difference that little bit of contact and leverage make! I actively tried a few consecutive reps using the correct grip and my old technique and the difference was remarkable!


Run Times
Very pleased with my 800M run for a change. It came in at 3:35. That’s nearly a full minute off of any 800 since I’ve started tracking them at the first of the year! I’m calling it a PR. It is without question the fastest 800 I’ve recorded to date. 2 major factors contributed today. First, I wasn’t running the 800M loop alone! Most of my 6:15 counterparts prefer to run the 400M track twice. I really dislike that. Just don’t like doing laps, if I can avoid it. But today, Rebecca (sp?) chose to run the 800M loop as well. More importantly, she’s a stronger runner so there was someone to pace myself against. OK, there was someone to chase! Rebecca is a FAR stronger runner than I am, so I was WELL behind her. Still having someone to follow seemed to keep me moving faster. Having the 800M run be the first element of the WOD, probably contributed as well. Of course, now that a new standard has been established, if I can’t replicate this the next time 800’s come around, I’ll be very disappointed.

My other runs times were not so strong. 400 came in a little over 1:50. The 200 was more than a minute, I believe. I made a mental note of it at the time, but not a physical note, so I’m unclear now.

It was established that the scale for HSPU would be a straight Hand Stand Kick Up and the band assisted muscle ups would substitute for the Muscle Ups.

Handstands were ok. First round went unbroken. Second round had at least one no rep. Last round had at least two no reps. I know because those were consecutive and it pissed me off to make the same mistake twice. There may have been a third no rep in that set as well. I don’t recall.

Muscle ups — first set was unbroken. Second set was 2 sets of 2 reps and the last set was 2-2-1-1. My arms were trembling by the time it was over. Bands are our friends.

Final time for the WOD was 14:16.

Definitely a good day.