Realized when writing this that technically I went above and beyond for today’s WOD. Just a shade beyond mind you, but beyond. At least that’s the story I’m sticking to! Any day I can complete a WOD as prescribed (Rx), it’s by definition a good day. Any day I can complete a benchmark WOD Rx and learn a new lift, well that’s just gravy.

WOD for Thursday 032812
Split Squats (each leg)

This was a funky new lift, for me anyway. I don’t recall ever seeing it come through on a WOD since I’ve joined in September. Take a barbell off a rack as if you’re going to back squat it. Then step forward with one leg, moving your lower body into essentially a split jerk stance. Squat down on the front leg, bringing your back knee down to just short of touching the floor. Raise back up using the front leg.

I found that down was pretty straightforward. Coming up out of the lift was tricky though and required more concentration. It took quite a bit of attention to keep my body weight forward and to drive straight up on the front leg. My tendency was to plant the front foot heel into the floor and rock most of my weight onto my back foot, then stand up.

Ultimately, I did a set at 65, 2 sets at 95 and 3 sets at 115 pounds. Always fun to do something new.

3 Rounds For Time:
Row 500m
12 Deadlifts (1x bodyweight)
21 Box Jumps (20″)

I was excited for this one when I saw it posted. I was reasonably sure I could hammer through this one as prescribed and that doesn’t happen all that often. Plus, it’s a CrossFit benchmark WOD that comes around from time to time, so it’s one of those WODs that allows you a real apples to apples comparison of how your fitness is improving over time. I live for that. That being said, this was my first crack at this WOD, so this sets the benchmark for next time.

I weigh 218. Trying to figure out the plate combination even to get to 220 proved to be too complicated for me this morning, I defaulted to simple math. A total of 4 45# plates and a 45# bar adds up to a simple 225#. Hey wait! Stop the presses. Technically, this means I did this WOD RX plus right?! Dang, Skippy. I just moved to a whole new level of happy, here!

All 3 rows were completed in under 2 minutes. That’s respectable, if unexceptional. I tried to concentrate on form. I need to rewatch a couple of training videos for this and get more practice. I row reasonably well, but I’m confident that I could be more efficient.

Box jumps were fine. The first two rounds went unbroken. The third one I definitely had to pace myself a bit and paused longer than strictly necessary at the bottom of a few jumps. I didn’t pay close enough attention to provide a set breakdown.

Deadlifts were TOUGH! 225# x 12 x 3 = EXHAUSTION! Actually, it’s 8100lbs, but you get my point. I knew from past experience that I should be capable of 36 reps of 225. But I was also conscious that when I did this in that last WOD, I was right up on the thresh hold of my ability. Definitely danced along the line between aggressive and reckless that day. I also spent a couple of days afterward with more pain than was strictly reasonable.

Remembering that, I was careful to concentrate on consistent form at the expense of time.  I was the last person to complete deadlifts from the very first round and was the last person to complete the WOD. I’m totally ok with that, because I have confidence in the execution of the lifts. Final time for the METCON: 16:08.

I’m kind of glad this is my first shot at this WOD. Back in January when they last ran it, I would not have been able to complete this Rx. I weighed 240# back then. The extra 20# both around my waist and the extra 20# on the bar likely would have made it impossible to do Rx just 8 weeks ago. I would have had to scale it to some degree. That being said, I want to lose another 20# now so that the next time a 1x body weight is prescribed, I’ll be that much lighter and hopefully stronger again! Meh. We’ll see. I’m pretty comfortable with the exercise, body, diet balance right now. 😉

Interesting comparison — I know it’s not apples to apples, but it still seems compelling. On 2/24, we did a METCON of 21-15-9 Deadlifts at 225# with 400M runs between each round of Deadlifts. I completed that WOD in 16:54. Today’s WOD with 3 rounds rowing a slightly longer distance, with a third exercise, but 9 less deadlifts, I was 56 seconds faster! I might be grasping at straws, but I’d qualify that as progress.

I’m also thinking Friday, which would normally be a workout day is going to be a rest day now. I’m taking part in the fund raiser WOD Saturday and frankly my legs are very tired. Unless Friday’s WOD is something truly glamorous, glorious and irresistible, I’m resting my body for the weekend.