Today was a treat in many respects. I got to do a Saturday WOD, paying respect to and raising funds for an injured Raleigh police officer. Got to spend a bit of time experimenting around the gym with Whirlwind on some of the equipment. A very good day all around.

So here’s the WOD
WOD for Saturday 033112 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Servabo Fidem
With a partner, for time:
400m Buddy Carry
100 Pullups
100 Box Jumps (24/20)
100 KB Swings (52/35)
100 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
400m Buddy Carry

Partners can break up each movement as they wish, but cannot move on to the next movement until all reps have been completed.  Scale the buddy carries as necessary.  Each partner must do at least some of the carrying.

Here’s more backstory on the WOD, courtesy of CrossFit Durham, Adam Young, a Raleigh Police Officer, and long time CrossFitter, was shot multiple times in the line-of-duty. Adam faces a long and painful rehabilitation process during which time neither he nor his wife will be able to work. We are conducting this benefit to assist him and his family financially and emotionally with a strong appreciation for the men and women that serve and protect the greater Triangle area selflessly. This is an opportunity for our Community to support one of our own. This WOD will honor Adam, his selfless service, and help support his family, during this most difficult time.

I partnered with a young man named Justin. First time I met him. Great thing about CrossFit in general, but particularly Buddy Carries, you get familiar with someone real quick. “Don’t mind me. I’m just going to squat down here, reach between your legs, grab you by one arm and throw you across my shoulders. By the way, I’m Paul.” If I were single, I’d be using that as a pick up line to meet women at bars. “I bet I can buddy carry you across this bar and back in less than a minute.”

Driving in to the gym, I had every intention of doing this WOD as close to Rx as possible. At best, I was going to be doing jumping pull ups, so those would be scale, but I figured everything else, I could do Rx. I even pulled out the 52# KB and a 45# plate for the lunges before starting. Once we got moving, things changed in a hurry.

Buddy carries really drain a lot of energy out of a body. And I had the easier load to bear as I outweighed Justin by a solid 40#! Poor kid.

I think I did my first set of 5 pullups as jumping pullups, then thinking ahead to KB swings and walking lunges moved to a band after that. By the time we got to 70 reps, Justin and I were trading off every 3 reps or so and I was up to two bands (blue and red).

As we moved on to box jumps Justin pointed out that we were the only team with a 24# box set up and asked if we really wanted to do it. I agreed that 20″ sounded plenty tall enough, so that’s what we did. We each did sets of 30 and 20.

Kettle Bell swings were done at 35# for both of us and were also done in sets of 30 and 20 each.

Overhead Walking Lunges were done with a 25# plate. Justin did 20 reps to start. I followed with 30 reps. He did 30 more. I don’t recall, but I think I may have unintentionally thrown him an extra 10 reps. I think in my head, I went, “just 20 reps to go, 10 each” and did 10 letting him do 10 more to finish. It wasn’t my intent to rely on him to pull more of the load that round. Just a brain fart.

We did the last buddy carry as piggy back rides rather than rescue carries. We finished in 29:15.

After the WOD, the boy and I hung around the gym awhile and I coached Whirlwind on American style kettle bell swings and kettle bell deadlifts. I was impressed. He did a very good deadlift of the 70# KB, which is a bit more than his own bodyweight. (We worked up to it) He was very proud of himself. He also did a bit of rowing, ring work and spent a lot of time climbing the knotted rope. Thanks, Dave for letting him experiment.  He had a blast. I also appreciate it, because while he here’s me talk about CrossFit and going to the gym, I like showing him from time to time what we do there.

All in all, a solid workout from a very demanding WOD. Some quality time with old and new friends as well as the boy. Yup, a very good day.

Couple random thoughts: It was very cool that a couple members of the Durham County Sheriff’s department joined in.

Funny incident Friday: I went to the local pizza place for lunch. The gent who runs the place immediately tells me, “Hey, Mr. K. You look great! You been working out? You’ve lost a bunch of weight.” I thanked him explained that yeah, I’m in the gym 4 days a week now. The next words out of him mouth are, “So I notice we don’t see you in here as much any more. How come?” I was momentarily flabbergasted. Somehow it seemed unnecessarily rude to point out the obvious direct correlation between his two observations, so I just blamed the wife tightening our family household budget.  I chuckled to myself about it later.