This may not be a popular attitude, but I’m really coming to enjoy Mondays. They are consistently one of my best days of the week at the gym and that just sets the tone and mindset for the rest of the week. Today was no exception. My Monday morning math skills still need improvement, but they worked to my advantage.

WOD for Monday 040212
Overhead Squat

I was tentative about overhead squats, they’ve never been a strength of mine. At the same time, I was eager to make a solid run at improving my old PR of 125# set back in January.

I started out conservative at 65#. Three reps felt good. So up to 75# for the second round of three reps. This also felt very good. I figured the last set of 3 should be done at 95#. I grabbed some plates and then checked the bar again. I realized I was about to do a set of 3 at 115#, not 95#.

In replaying the previous sets through my head, I realized the first set was done at 75#, the second set at 95#! I thought about how solid those felt and my confidence soared.

As an aside: One of these days I literally want to work blindfolded. I want to tell someone I trust to set the weights between a designated range and then lift them without knowing the actual weight before hand. I think it could be a very interesting experiment in confidence and perception.

Back to today’s lifts. The last round of three at 115# was ok. Jack observed and said they looked solid. I mentioned that I felt uneven and wobbly during the descent, but felt ok coming up. He said they looked fine and it was probably just because I was being tentative about favoring my wrist.

The first single was done at 125#. It felt very good matching my old 1RM. Solid enough that I jumped to 135#. That lift also went smoothly. It was one of the smoothest individual reps of the day. Jack observed and confirmed it was a good lift. With one lift left and a new PR established, I kind of figured, “What the hell? 150# sounds like a nice round number.” So I loaded the bar appropriately and gave it a shot.

It was smooth going down. Jack was nearby watching and confirmed when I was deep enough and called, “now, UP!” Near the top, I started to wobble front to back and I wasn’t 100% sure I’d complete the lift, but I held on to it. After dropping the bar, I looked at Jack and asked, “good lift?” He confirmed yes, but then nearly in unison we both said, “but that’s enough for today.”

I expect it will be a while before I try to press beyond that max. I need to solidify my form at that weight before going farther.

Jack made a great point that after 4 weeks of working one-handed, setting a 25# PR is a real testament to the validity of CrossFit and how the workouts in general can have a positive influence on the entire body!

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
10 Box Jumps @70% 1RM (no rebounding off the floor)
1 Front Squat (80% 3RM Power Clean from Friday 3-30)
Sprint 50m

So 70% of my 1RM Box Jump is 27″.
While I missed Friday’s WOD, best power clean to date is 155#. So I calculated 130# as my Rx weight for today. I elected to use 135# just because it meant moving fewer plates around. Lazy is a relative concept after all. Some days I’ll lift more weight during a WOD in order to avoid trips across the gym floor to transport plates. I’m not saying it’s right, but it works for me. I suspect I’m not the only one.  Looking back, I realize now, that 155# power clean is a 1RM not 3RM. Ah well. More funky math. Still, it was Rx, so I’m good with it.

Today was a form over intensity day. Just felt like today’s METCON required a lot of concentration. With a 27″ platform, I was very deliberate about the box jumps, particularly about stepping off. Last thing I wanted to do was turn an ankle stepping down from that height.

I was also very methodical about getting into position for the front squats. All squats were taken from the floor not the rack, which meant a clean to get into position. When it came time for these lifts, I did all the cleans as hang cleans. I was very careful to do a thoughtful deadlift to get to position 1 for the clean, then set, breath and then lift. Once in position, the squats were manageable.

When it was all said and done 5 rounds plus a 6th set of 10 box jumps, Rx. I was very pleased with that.