Tricky work out today in just about every aspect. Technically demanding, physically grueling, everything you could ask for in a workout.

WOD for Thursday 040512
2 Clean Pulls + 2 Power Clean (1 set)
2 rounds of 3 sets (70% 1RM)
3 rounds of 2 sets (80% 1RM)

I’d love to blame my collective woes on the fact that I was perfect with my elbows all morning long, but distracted with regards to the rest of my body. Yeah, not so much. I was pretty much just flying all over the place today. Coach Ashley dedicated a lot of time to trying to help me put the whole package together and I appreciate it, but it just wasn’t there. Some days I believe I just never establish a proper rapport with the bar bell and then it’s all down hill from there.

I worked all morning at 95# (70% 1RM). There were one or two legitimately clean power cleans among the sets, but they were sporadic. I wasn’t ever able to string consecutive good reps together.

For Time:
100 Double Unders
30 Burpees
15 GHD Situps
75 Double Unders
30 Burpees
15 GHD Situps
50 Double Unders
30 Burpees
15 GHD Situps

This METCON has literally left me sore from the bottoms of my ears clear down to the base of my feet! It was a HELL of a workout.

I had to substitute the 3:1 single to double under conversion. Just need to practice double unders more. Practice, practice, practice. I had one run of over 100 singles, and more than one run over 50. With that in mind it seems I ought to be able to string 5-10 double unders together. But it’s not there yet. Ah well, it’ll come, if I stay after it.

Burpees-what can you say? They’re burpees. They’re exhausting. Somewhere late in the second set it seemed like I was dropping flat to the floor, coming up into a cat pose, then off my knees and up to standing/jumping. Grueling.

GHD Situps — best part of the WOD! How weird is it to say that? These don’t come around often and I’ve never done them as part of a METCON. I consider it an accomplishment that I was able to complete these. By the last set I think I did 5 or 7, then pairs after that to completion. Both Doug and Ashley T came by during the WOD and offered advice on how to make the move more efficient by locking my legs down and pulling through my hips.

I’m going to have to practice that during warm ups to get accustomed to it. I understand what they were saying, but that late in the WOD, on the fly, I didn’t seem to be able to apply it.

In the end, I finished this WOD in 20:59. Pretty sure I was the last person done, but that’s ok.