Interesting and challenging WOD again today. That’s been the pattern this week. I’ve got no complaints. In fact, I feel like I’ve kind of got a healthier understanding of some of the areas where I need more work and that’s handy knowledge to have.

WOD for Friday 040612

Yesterday’s WOD wrung me out! I went into today’s WOD not even thinking about new PRs. It just wasn’t there.

I needed, and continue to need, more work concentrating on form and consistency. As a result, I never worked past 95#. After warming up at 45# and one set at an awkward 70# (more in a moment) all sets were done at 95#.

About that awkward 70#…you know that funky feeling when you can tell something’s not right, but you just can’t get your arms around what’s wrong? All of the snatches for this set felt that way, just a shade out of balance.

Turns out they were exactly a shade out of balance. I thought I was lifting 75#, a 45# bar and two 15# plates. Cleaning up post-WOD I discovered I was the victim of poorly stacked plates and my own lack of attention to detail. I actually had a 15# and a 10# on the bar that set. Whoops!

Ashley Totten was once again very generous with her time coaching and helping me refine and improve form on this lift and that’s always appreciated. It feels like it’s slowly coming together. She said something that made me laugh as well as feel a little better about how the lifts were progressing. I’m paraphrasing somewhat but she told the whole group, “These are Olympic lifts. If they were easy, we’d all be going to London this Summer.” That was a helpful bit of perspective.

It seemed like my squats were better and I was catching the bar significantly lower than in past sessions, so that’s progress. Still not catching in a full squat, but better. Balance was significantly better today too.

Challenge today seemed to be in the hips. There was more than one lift where all the lifting was done with the arms and shoulders. The bar never touched my hips, so there was no help there. That’s going to catch up with me when I try to add more weight. It has also left my shoulders VERY tired.

5 Rounds:
1 Power Clean, 3 Jerk (75% 1RM C&J)
1 Power Clean, 2 Jerk
1 Power Clean, 1 Jerk
Rest 2 mins between each round

After yesterday’s debacle with power cleans I had mixed feelings about this one. There wasn’t much confidence, but I definitely wanted another shot at them too. I used 105# which is not quite 70% of my 1RM clean.

I got off to a terribly slow start. Ashley pointed out that the lift should start with a hook grip. I’ve never used that before for cleans and it really threw me off. Letting that heavy bar roll back on my hands and wrist from a closed hook grip to just my finger tips was uncomfortable enough that I bailed and dropped the bar on the first power clean attempt. It’s not that it was too much weight or really that painful, but it was unexpected, uncomfortable and sudden enough that it alarmed me.

I had to pause, regroup and reset. For the rest of the METCON all of the power cleans were still just very ugly.

Jerks really weren’t an issue at this weight. Just getting into position to do them was the challenge today.

Accumulate a total of 4 minutes

I remembered to finish today! I broke the plank into 4 sets. First one was 1:15. Second was :45. At that point, it was past 7:15 and the next class was warming up in the green room. I took a long enough pause to put my bar away and find a spot on the floor that would be out of the way to complete my planks. Last two sets of planks were 1 minute each.

The conversation about grips has me curious. Is it correct that all barbell lifts starting from the floor should be done, or at least initiated using a hook grip? I don’t always do that, but I’m inferring from today and other things I’ve picked up that I should be. Is that how others understand it as well?