Been on vacation in terms of online time and posting, so I’m a bit behind on workout posts. Gonna try to be succinct and get caught up with this one. The way I’m feeling and performing lately, I’m wondering if I need to dial back a touch.

WOD Thursday 4/10

50 strict Parallette Shoot Throughs

In the time available, I could only muster 40 solid shoot throughs. Done in sets as follows:


These were “full” shoot throughs including the pushup and dip as part of the range of motion. Coach Ashley T was very helpful in pointing out that when my feet were forward and I was trying to return to the plank position, I was shrugging my shoulders. That shrug was the difference between passing through cleanly or dragging/catching my feet. Took a lot of concentration to overcome that.

3 Rds for Time
20 Box Jumps (24″)
15 Wall Balls (20#)
10 Burpees
5 Pullups
400M Run

I had to do jumping pullups, but otherwise did this Rx. It took me 18:40 and I was smoked. I wasn’t in the gym Friday, so I didn’t get to scan the white board and see what kind of times others posted. I’m not convinced this one should have gone this long. In hindsight, I’m wondering if I should have scaled back further. I know within the 6:15am crew that did this WOD I was middle of the pack, so I’m not sure how to gauge it. I suppose it’s possible we were all overachieving that morning.

What stood out for me, about this WOD was that Meghan smoked it. At one point, I was legitimately concerned that she might lap me. Hell of a motivator to pick up my own pace.

Saturday, April 14 Primal Mud Run, Warrenton, VA.
OK — so not a CrossFit WOD, but it was certainly a workout and therefore deserves to be recorded. The Mud Run is a 4+ mile cross country run with approximately 15-20 obstacles. There is a great range in difficulty in the obstacles. For example, one obstacle consisted of 8-10 box jumps onto and off of platforms ranging 12-30 inches placed in no particular pattern.

On the other end of the spectrum, the one obstacle that defeated me was called the snake pit. Wade into a mud hole approximately thigh deep. Scale a 12-15 foot (I’m guessing at the height) vertical knotted rope. Descend the rope. Wade across the pool and scale a vertical man-made rock wall of the same height. Cross over the wall and on the backside descend a vertical knot free rope back into the mud hole.

The first vertical knotted roped beat me. For a host of reasons that would sound like excuses, I was unable to climb it. I did do all other aspects of that obstacle though and did complete all other obstacles on the course.

All in all, it was a great run with my brother and some of his friends. The goal was to run together, have some laughs, complete the course safely and get on to as Big D put it, “beers apps and naps!” I’m pleased to report we accomplished all our goals for the day admirably. We especially excelled at the “beer, apps naps.”

I’m looking forward to taking part in the NC version of this Mud Run in two weeks with some friends from CFD. It’s gonna be great, guys!

Monday, April 16
Front Squat

Worked with Nick and Brandon this morning. Did sets of 5 at 135, 165 and 185. It was apparent pretty quickly that my body really missed the two consecutive days of rest that I would normally get on a weekend. Despite what I thought was a solid warm up session, I felt really creaky today going through the range of motions.

We went for 205# for the first set of 3 and I bailed after one lift. It was a tough lift in its own right, but my wrist really felt stressed as well, so I abandoned it.

I went back down to 195 after that and completed that set reasonably well, but decided I wasn’t interested in a 6 set at any weight.

21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Back Squats (225/155)
KB Swings (70/52)

I ended up doing the back squats at 197#, slightly less than the additional direction “225# or 70% of your 1RM.” 70% of my 1RM works out to 205#. I used a 62# kettle bell for the swings. It was all I could handle.

I never racked the bar during the set of 21, but can’t call it unbroken either. There were definitely extended pauses to re-breath. 21 KB swings to eye level were unbroken.

Round of 15: I bailed out from under the bar on the 4th rep. Jack helped me reset the bar and after that things slowed down dramatically. I could feel my back getting tight on the right side and I wondered if I would or should continue to completion.

I resolved to slow down and refocus on form. In the end, I finished in 9:43.  Again, one of the last athletes to complete the WOD.

This WOD in combination with last Thursday’s makes me wonder if I should reconsider how I’m approaching them. I try to challenge myself each day while not letting ego get in the way. I think I’m realistic about which WODs I can complete RX or not. I feel like most days I use challenging weights that test my ability and endurance. Yet lately I’m just not clear whether I’m truly challenging and testing myself to do more work, or pushing myself too hard too fast. Not sure how to gauge that either.