Good day to focus on form and rebuild some confidence and get a heck of a workout in along the way.

WOD for Thursday 041912
Split Squats

We’ve only done this lift one other time a few weeks ago. The most I lifted today was 115# 2 reps on both legs. Same as last time. With both feet on the floor, I was more confident in the technique today. It was more familiar, so it was easier to lift straight up and down, fighting the urge to first rock back on the back foot and then stand up.

Always curious to try something new, I tried one set at 75#, with one foot raised on a 20# platform. This was very awkward, unfamiliar and unstable.

The most challenging part was trying to get into position to start the lift. You start by taking the bar off the rack resting on your shoulders behind your head as if positioned for a back squat. Then stand on one foot and grope around behind you with the other foot trying to find the platform and then position your raised foot comfortably on the platform.

Now here’s the catch. If you get that raised back foot set and comfortable, if you don’t have the front foot that you’re standing on set forward enough, or if it’s too narrow a stance or whatever, there’s no way to reposition that front foot without first taking the back foot down off the box. Stew and I were lifting together and he was very helpful coaching me guiding me into position, but I was never comfortable with it. I did a single rep and then gave up on it and went back to both feet on the floor. I’ll need to experiment just getting into and finding a comfortable position with a platform and PVC pipe for a while before adding weight again. No big deal. That’s how we learn.

“Heavy Annie”
For Time:
50 Double Unders
5 Clean & Jerks (85% 1RM)
40 Double Unders
4 Clean & Jerks
30 Double Unders
3 Clean & Jerks
20 Double Unders
2 Clean & Jerks
10 Double Unders
1 Clean & Jerks

Cleans…ugh! The jerk is not the limiting factor for me in the METCON. It’s the clean. If I’m taking a bar from the rack, I’m capable of jerking far more weight than I can clean from the floor. So when I saw the WOD last night I figured I’d do 70% of my clean 1RM which equates to 120#.

In warming that up this morning it felt incredibly heavy. At Coach Ashley T’s suggestion I warmed up a few reps with a bare bar and then tried again. It was still too much. So I dropped to 105#. Form, consistency, then intensity right? See? I can be taught.

I took the 3:1 conversion since I was doing singles with double unders worked in. I tried to maintain a rhythm of 3 singles then 1 double under. The first two sets were very sporadic. It was much easier to maintain in the last three sets, but none were unbroken.

That pattern actually applies to the clean and jerks too. The lifts in the first two sets were sporadic, but smoother through the last three. I think I was tentative. Full squat cleans are what left me in a splint for 3+ weeks afterall. I don’t think being cautious was unreasonable. Somewhere along the way though I found a bit of a rhythm though and by the end the reps weren’t pretty by any standard. But I’d call them safe, stable and serviceable.

By comparison, the jerks were absolutely pleasant! Finished in 10:19. Definitely not a “wheelhouse” WOD for me, but I was pleased with the effort. It was a solid workout.

Random Thoughts:
1) I wanna do a deadlift. Wednesday has pretty consistently been deadlift day at CFD. It also happens to be my programmed rest day. Right now the family calendar won’t allow for a shift from morning to evening session (little league practice), so that’s not an option. Open gym on Friday nights are not an option during Little League season either because that’s frequently game day. Guess I’ll just have to be patient, but it’s been months since I’ve had a chance to test either my 3RM or 1RM on that lift. I’m really curious to know how it may, or may not, have progressed.

2) I really need to take my jump rope out of my gym bag every day at lunch time and practice my double unders. This 3:1 conversion is killing me. 😉

2) My pre-wod routine has gotten a bit absurd of late. To prevent my newly acquired blisters from bleeding on equipment, I’ve developed the following system. I apply band aids directly on my palms with the gauze pads directly over the sore spots. Since the band aids won’t stay in place long, I add a wrap of athletic tape that goes around my hand twice. In addition to wrapping both hands, I also still wrap my left wrist for support. By the time I’m ready to workout, I look a bit mummy-esque. It’s kind of amusing.

I went through this same routine yesterday, while preparing to mow the lawn during my lunch hour. As I was wrapping my hands, the thought occurred to me that perhaps one could make the case that my pursuit of fitness has gotten a bit out of control given I had to take all of these precautionary steps just to be able to complete a simple household chore.

Then it occurred to me. A year ago, I wouldn’t have made the effort to mow the lawn on my lunch hour. I would have indulged in some fast food crap and then sat around watching MLB highlights of the baseball games from the previous night before going back to my desk to resume work. So with that thought in mind, I now say, “pass the gauze and the athletic tape. I’ve got things to do.”