For awhile Fridays were my day to tear it all loose. I figured with two rest days coming let it all hang out. Past few weeks, I’ve had to rethink that. Seems like lately I’m getting to Friday with not much left in the tank.

WOD for Friday 042012
Power Snatch

Tried something a bit different last night when this WOD was posted. Most nights I check the WOD and then rush to my lifting chart/spreadsheet to figure out my weight goals for the following day. I know most of my 3RM and 1RM lifts by memory. So when I see that it’s a 3 round or 1 round sort of day, I go to sleep at night with a number I’m shooting for the next morning already cataloged in my head. My results with snatches (and cleans for that matter) have been so erratic that I have no real clue. I decided last night to ignore the number entirely. I figured, just let the action today dictate the weight.

The end result one set with a bare bar at 45# and 4 sets at 75#. Sounds light and lazy, no? Maybe, but I feel MUCH better about how the form for this lift is coming together. It feels like the sequence of motions is falling in place more frequently. Just keep reminding myself: form, consistency, intensity.

4 Rounds For Time:
10 1-arm KB Push Press (each side)
200 Single Unders (or two minutes)

Tried a couple warm up presses left-handed at 52# and scaled back to 44#. I opted to work my weaker left arm first each set. Not sure why. Just seemed like a good idea. Was able to do 10 reps each arm in the first set. After that I took Ashley T’s advice to heart and broke the sets into 5 presses each arm until I accumulated 10 reps each arm for the remaining sets. So 5 left-handed, 5 right-handed, 5 left, 5 right, then onto single unders. All presses were done unbroken.

For each round of singles I was able to complete the 200 reps before the 2 minutes ran out, but it was close every time. Each round the reps took me 1:50 something. Had a couple of long runs in excess of 80 reps, had at least one in excess of 100. Also had some lapses and runs that were 10 reps or less. Hey, it happens.

Total WOD time: 11:51

I liked this WOD in that it was another “not too technical” workout and it left me smoked.