Got a bit busy and distracted, so this post is off by a day, but here are my thoughts on Thursday’s WOD at Crossfit Durham.

WOD for Thursday 042612
2 Snatch Pulls + 2 Power Snatch (1 set)
2 rounds of 4 sets (70% 1RM)
3 rounds of 4 sets (80% 1RM)

Worked the first rounds at 75#. I’ll say this about the snatch. Every time we do it, it feels a bit less awkward and a little less uncomfortable. I guess that’s progress, right? Baby steps forward, but as long as we’re going forward, it’s good.

Coach Ashley T has been fantastic week after week helping me tweak the form and develop better habits. So it’s coming along.

Don’t know if I was sluggish, or if it’s because I was concentrating so much on form, but after doing the 4 sets at 75#, I only had time for one set at 95#.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps For Time:
Chest-to-Bar Pullups
Box Jumps (30/24)
GHD Sit Ups

This was a fun WOD to do, but difficult to negotiate/coordinate with the group. We had 8 or so folks doing the WOD and everyone intended to do GHDs. There are only 4 racks in the gym. It’s not the kind of WOD that you can easily stagger heats and say, “OK group 1 starts first and then Heat 2, you start one minute later.” As the WOD progresses, the intervals between exercises get smaller and it’s just cluttered.

Finding a partner that you could share a rack with, some one relatively your own size, that would use settings that were compatible proved to be a challenge. I opted for an ABMat. It just seemed simpler. I’d be curious to know how the afternoon sessions managed this WOD with the typically larger groups.

I used a blue band for pull ups and constructed a 27″ platform for box jumps. Pull ups were reasonably solid, but I ended up breaking them down into smaller subsets than I would have liked. Grip seemed to be a challenge.

Box jumps and sit ups all went unbroken. With regards to situps, AbMat sit ups were probably the correct choice. I finished the WOD in about 12:50, right in the middle of the pack for that session. If I’d attempted GHD’s, I probably would have dragged the WOD out much longer.

Erin pointed out that my “CrossFit Anniversary” is coming up quickly. I’m working on ideas for how to commemorate that here in the blog. We’ll see. I’m open to suggestions.