Alternatively titled, “OK, let’s make this harder.” I’ve got your attention now, don’t I? Relax, it’s not all that! Today’s WOD was a lot of fun and there were lots of laughs shared around the gym this morning.

WOD for Tuesday 050112
Turkish Situps

I’m a big fan of turkish sit ups and get ups. The combination of balance, strength, coordination and the variety of types make me smile.

I completed all 6 sets. First two sets were one-handed, both arms, 3 reps each arm, done at 30 and then 35 pounds. I wanted to experiment with the two-handed sit ups that Dave posted in the video last night. We were warned not to be reckless, so I started with 25# in each hand for the first set. Like the fellow in the video, I anchored my feet in other kettle bells for all reps. It was not as difficult as I expected. I did a set of 5.

I went back to a one-handed set of 3 done at 44 pounds. That set was tricky. After having my feet anchored the previous set, it was much harder to keep the foot of the extended leg firm to the floor.

The final two sets were two-handed sit ups, sets of three at 35 and 44# respectively. I’d be curious to try this at 52#, but honestly, I don’t trust my left arm to stay locked out. Could be tragic.

Complete the following in the least amount of sets possible:
50 Handstand Pushups
100 Pullups
This is not for time

This was a very curious WOD. I don’t remember participating in a WOD that a) was NOT driven by time and b) based on the premise of “least amount of sets possible.” It made strategy and goals very challenging. My ideal goal was to complete in 15 total rounds. 10 reps each of HSPU for 5 sets and 10 reps each for 10 sets pull ups. I also should have paced it out with 2 sets of pullups for every set of HSPU, but neither of those things happened.

I don’t have handstand pushups, not even close. So I was working from a 30″ platform. I did the first set with my knees on the platform and got through 12 reps. I wanted to experiment with an HSPU against the wall just to see what I could do, so I “sacrificed” a set knowing I’d only be able to count one rep. As Jack phrased it, “it was the best negative HSPU” he’s seen in some time. Thanks, Jack. I appreciate that. šŸ˜‰ There was some banter back and forth as to whether it was an intentional negative or not which was fun.

Jack observed my third set (second on the platform), done from my knees and observed that I got 15 reps. His guidance at that point was, “Ok, let’s make this harder.” I thought to myself, “Sure, because that’s just what I was thinking…let’s make this tougher.” Jack continued, “Next time, just put your toes on the platform and pike your body so you get more vertical, like this” and he demonstrated. He’s good. He’s strong too. He always makes these things look easy.

After a round of pull ups, I went back to the platform to try the technique Jack showed me. I got into position and did a few reps. Then as I continued, I called out, “Hey Jack, is this more what you had in mind?” His response, “Pike that butt up higher!” It was SO NOT the turn of phrase I was expecting at that moment. I nearly collapsed to the floor laughing. But being the willing pupil, I did as I was told and sure enough, as soon as I piked that butt up, everything got much harder!

I started the pull ups using a blue band and was on pace pulling no less than 10 reps per set through the first 5 rounds. After the 5th round my shoulders were very tired and my grip was shot. I’d finished 53 reps. It took 4 sets to get near 75 (73). I added a thin purple band for more assistance and it took another 4 sets to finish out. The twelfth round was 10 reps, which was frustrating for multiple reasons. 1) I was at 99 reps, but absolutely could not get another one. I had to get down. 2) In my frustration, I lost track of my surroundings.

Instead of dropping to the box behind me that I’d been using to step into the bands, I dropped to the floor with one foot still in the bands. I lost my balance, tumbled over my box, thankfully my foot sprung free from the bands. After a very graceless one-footed dance, IĀ  wound up flat on my back on the gym floor. A couple of folks called out, and Jack came by, to check on me. I assured them all I wasn’t hurt, but really PISSED because I still had to get back up in those bands for a final rep! Yeesh!Ā  The indignity of it all. Even in the moment, it was pretty comical. After a moment to compose myself, I got back in the bands and knocked out the 100th rep in the 13th set.

In the end, it took 19 rounds, 6 for HSPU and 13 for pull ups to complete this one. Despite the challenges, I really enjoyed this WOD. The burn in my shoulders now is a nice contrast to the burn in my legs that occupied my mind this morning from yesterday’s squats. Congratulations, Dave. Great programming. Between the two days, I’m smoked head to toe. Definitely a complete body workout! šŸ˜‰