I didn’t miss working out the last two days, I just missed posting. Life beyond the gym has been busier than normal. Plus lately I’m wondering what I’m doing with this blog and these posts. I’m mulling over what’s the message here….

That sounds cryptic, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t. All is well in our immediate world. In fact, things are really quite fabulous at Casa K. To the point that reporting on counting reps and daily WODs seems less critical right now. Which leaves me wondering just what it is I should or even want to be saying. I need to mull that over a while.

I will offer these thoughts on the last two days of WODs.

Thursday — Great fun! It was a day to experiment with moves and techniques well beyond my ability. Yet trying them and failing, getting a better grasp of my ability at present and reminiscing about what my inabilities used to be just months ago, made for a very satisfying workout.

I still can’t do a muscle up, but I can do at least one really solid kipping ring pull up. I was unable to do a bar muscle up, but pulled off one hell of a kipping chest to bar pull up. Along the way, I also did the assigned work load of 50 parallette shoot throughs and 30 muscle ups. Well, ok. I did transitions seated in the rings using a blue band. More importantly though, having the freedom to play a bit and the desire to experiment was worth more in my head than the demands placed on the body.

Friday — PUNISHING!!! 3 rds for time of 50 KB swings, 30 Toes to Bars and 15 Handstand Push Ups was brutal! Hell of a way to finish off the work week. I’m really looking forward to two days of rest now. The snatches during the strenght session went ok. I finished in 14:32 using a 44# KB, Toe Raises on the floor, and a 30″ platform for HSPU.

Stay tuned folks, I’ll figure this out…and will be back. I want to write. You all know that I love to tell a good story. Right now I’m just trying to figure out what the story is…or the most engaging way to deliver it.