Mondays continue to be my favorite day of the week and it looks like things are going to be a lot of fun at the gym for the rest of the week as well.

WOD for Monday 050712
Push Press
Establish 1RM

Haven’t tested for a 1RM on a push press since November. Was confident I could out lift 165#.  Was very curious to see just how far beyond it we’d be able to go.

Jack was monitoring the lift at 165# and we’d talked about the old PR. When he saw that I was lifting to match that he scolded me,  “you never lift to tie a 1RM!” I wasn’t clear on why this was an issue. Is this some weightlifting equivalent to “don’t cross the bats in the dugout” or “never step on the foul lines when stepping on or off a baseball field?” Is it a mojo issue? It’s got me wondering. To me it was the next logical progression up the ladder from the previous lift. Going beyond 165 at that point just seemed like an excessively large single jump.

At any rate we set the bar for 175# and it was a solid lift. Next time around I went for 185# and that was pretty solid. Jack warned me to be aware of a second dip in my knees though. If it were competition it likely would have no repped. If we want to get technical about things, I actually set TWO new 1RM’s today. A 175# 1RM for the push press, and an unintentional 185# 1RM for the push jerk. 😉 Let’s not quibble though, call the 185 a push press too and presume that I’ll clean it up the next time around. Took two attempts at 195# and missed both. The first one was actually too explosive.

Maybe I didn’t really expect to be successful, not really sure. But the weight went up and when the bar hit the top of my reach the thought occurred to me, “Oh shit! It’s really up there. Now I’ve got to keep it up there!” By the time the thought was over, it was already too late.

The bar actually went up fast enought that it got behind my head. I teetered for a moment trying to save/stabilize the lift but couldn’t. 195# barbell makes a really satisfying crash when it hits the gym floor. Jack said later that among other issues like lack of focus, I let my core relax too, so I didn’t have a tight body. After a rest, I tried one more time, but my head wasn’t in it. Looking forward to this lift coming around again soon. 200# looks attainable and as a 1RM has a nice round appeal to it.

50/40/30/20/10 Reps For Time:
Double Unders

A benchmark WOD?! Outstanding. It’s Benchmark Week all week at Crossfit Durham. Every METCON will be a benchmark “girl.” That’s very exciting. Having a chance to test myself and have baselines for a few of these classic WODs is very appealing. The challenge will be remembering to scale appropriately and not burn myself up on any one day making a later WOD harder than it needs to be. That being said, meeting Annie early in the week was cool. Double-unders and sit ups are not easy, but compared to some things they’re relatively low impact.

Never done this WOD straight up before. So this is a true baseline. Elected to do single unders throughout. Didn’t want to trip up trying to throw double unders and/or lose count. Keep it simple. All sit ups were AbMat situps. 9:43 start to finish. Very satisfied with that time.