Ugh! That’s about the best I’ve got to offer on today’s WOD. Elizabeth, another of the benchmark WODs, officially goes on the Goat List.

WOD for Thursday 051012
Establish 1RM

Very mixed emotions about taking on cleans today. Cleans and I have history. If you read regularly, you know I injured my wrist back in January trying to set a new 1RM on cleans. That’s largely healed, but still not 100%…and it would be lying to say that wasn’t on my mind. No excuses though. The horse throws you. You get up. Dust yourself off and get back on for another ride right.

In the end, I worked up to 125# today. Not impressive. Not awful. The old 1RM of 150 still stands though. No PR’s today. It happens.

Coach Ashley T is right. The issues are in my head. We’ll stay on it.

21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Clean (135/95)
Ring Dips

In hindsight, perhaps I should have accepted Drew and Griff’s invitation to join them as they took “Fran” out for a date, rather than “Elizabeth.” I really wanted to do Fran this week. It was disappointing when she showed up on my rest day, Wednesday. I won’t be able to get to the gym during Open Gym hours, so I was tempted to take them up on the invitation. Ultimately, I decided to stick to the scheduled WOD though.

Cleans were scaled to 95# and I used a red band for ring dips.

Every clean required a complete reset and run through the mental checklist which seemed to take up a ridiculous amount of time. Throw in a couple of missed lifs and this WOD proved very frustrating.

Somewhere in the middle of the round of 15 I lost all patience with myself. After missing the 7th or 8th rep, I slammed my ball cap to the floor and just screamed at myself, “It’s not THIS F******G Hard!! Come on!” Nice tantrum, right? I’m not real proud of myself. Should have imposed a 1 minute time out for unsportsmanlike conduct.  I apologize to the 6:15 crew. I’m not normally the kind of guy to throw things around in frustration.

That being said, it did seem to clear my head and I found marginally better focus for the cleans for the balance of the WOD. Still doesn’t make it right.

The extra anger channeled well into the ring dips too. Despite the frustration at the cleans, the rounds of 15 and 9 ring dips were unbroken and quick.

Final time was 13:36.

Might take Friday off and give myself 3 days of rest. My legs feel very tight and tired today. I suspect the decision will depend on the final benchmark WOD of the work week.