It was Monday, there were back squats and ball slams…need I say more? Ok, maybe just a bit more.

WOD for Monday 051412
Back Squat
1RM for the day

It was a tricky day with these. The gym is shifting to a new training model called the Westside Conjugate. Not sure what to make of it yet. Monday was literally the first day, so there’s nothing to compare to. Definitely curious to see how the programming evolves though over the next few weeks. The big immediate difference is the change in mindset about pushing to failure. As Jack explained it in this system failing a lift because you were pushing too much weight is really frowned upon. So it leaves one wondering how to approach the lifts.

Ultimately, over the course of half a dozen lifts, I worked up to 275# (slightly more than 90% of my 1RM). From there I jumped to 295 and failed. It might have been too big a jump, but it felt like more of a lapse in concentration than strength. Descended too quickly and got pinned in the hole. Had to bail.

3 Rounds:
Each round is 3 cycles of the following:
2 Clean (80% 1RM)
10 Ball Slams
Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Two Hand Turkish Situps
3 sets of 10

Another WOD that required a lot of explanation before the room understood what was expected of us. It came down to, “Do 2 cleans. Do 10 Ball Slams. Repeat that cycle three times. Rest 2 minutes. Repeat that whole process three times.” Oh! Ok. Got it.

Because of the fairly low # of reps for the cleans, I chose to do this one Rx. In the end, I believe I finished in a time approaching 11 minutes. Cleans were fairly slow and methodical. Ball slams were a treat!

I’m trying to reconcile some coaching tips that Jack gave me against tips that Ashley has been giving me over past weeks. Ashley’s been very strident about the fact that I’m jumping forward on both snatches and cleans and that I really need to concentrate on jumping straight up and extend my body on the pulls.

Yesterday, Jack was coaching me to not lean back, but to “meet the bar” with my chest. At the time it seemed really contradictory to what Ashley was telling me. With some space between me and that WOD now, I’m reasonably confident they were both trying to correct the same issue with different cues or from slightly different angles.

If my technique were really sharp, I suspect that I’d be jumping AND extending my torso straight up (or very close to it) and not going so dramatically back past vertical arching my back. This would prevent my feet from hopping forward AND allow my chest and shoulders to remain more erect to meet the bar. Am I on to something here, or am I making shit up? Feedback invited.

Turkish Sit Ups were all done with a 30lb KB in each hand. Each set was done unbroken, but the last set was tough! Pretty pleased with that.

All in all, a pretty solid day.