So I’ve tried for a while to instill some appreciation of “old school” science fiction in the boy with no real success. To date, I think I have the only 8yo boy in North America who has zero interest in the Star Wars saga. But last night, it was driven home just how badly I’m failing.

Whirlwind is a big fan of The Thundercats. Not the 1980’s version that I knew, but the contemporary version. Truth be told, I enjoy the current series more than the original.

While sitting at dinner, Whirlwind realized he’d be able to order the latest episode via on-demand after his little sister went to bed and he was getting excited. I seized the opportunity to expand his screen time options and comic book pop culture horizons.

“Hey,” I suggested, “have you ever thought about watching that other series Young Justice?” For the unfamiliar, it’s a series based on the most popular DC Comic Book side kicks, Robin, Super Boy, Kid Flash et al.

“Nah,” he answered. “Not interested.”

“Not interested?” I went on. “See those are the comic book heroes that I grew up reading in comics and watching on TV.”

I got the all encompassing and ever vague, “yeah.”

So I pressed on, “You’ve seen the commercials, right? Why aren’t you interested?”

He mulled that over for a moment and then offered, “Well, they’re all just people on that show. The Thundercats…well, they’re cats, Dad! I mean, c’mon!”

Then he crushed me. “Besides, I think Robin Hood is on that Young Justice show.”

I chewed on that and then answered, “Oh no. That’s not Robin Hood. That’s the Green Arrow, but I could see how you could think that. I mean he wears that mask and the green hood and uses a bow and arrow.”

Whirlwind cut me off, “No. Not him. This guy was younger. Wore red had a black cape and an “R” on his chest.” Now it was my turn to cut him off.

“That’s Robin. Not Robin Hood. Just Robin. He’s Batman’s…You know what? Forget it. Go watch the Thundercats.