Not so much a post as quick observations from Tuesday’s workout

WOD for Tuesday 052212
Establish 1RM

Stayed within myself and worked up to single reps of 305#. Did that twice. Roughly 87% off my PR. It’s what I had that day.

Jack pointed out that I’m clearing my knees pulling them back too soon, making me way too dependent on my back to execute the lift. That’s a quick way to get hurt.

He reminded me to keep my chest up all throughout the lift, lift with the legs, then once the bar’s above my knees extend the hips and straighten up. Getting that straight and applying it during the METCON seems to have paid off. I don’t have nearly the achy back that I’ve had after other WODs that included deadlifts.

5 Rounds For Time:
10 Deadlifts (245/165)
40 Double Unders

Double unders were a mix of singles and doubles, but I only counted DU reps or attempts until I hit 40.It was a slow way to get through the WOD, but it worked.

I did the deadlifts at 165#. It was a bit heavier than the recommended 50% of the 1RM for the day guidance provided, but it worked. The first three rounds were unbroken. Fourth and fifth sets were broken into two sets each. I’m really liking the additional suggestions that have been provided lately on how to scale weights for METCONs. It’s been extremely helpful.

In the end it took 9:45 to get through this one. It was a heck of a workout.

Weighted Abmat Situps
3 sets of 15

Did these with a 20# DB in each hand.

Random Thoughts: WOD Ready Pullups — Brandon watched me working on some kipping pull ups during warm ups and noted that they looked like they were WOD ready and suggested that maybe I should try them in a WOD. I agreed that if the pull ups were on the front end of the WOD, then maybe it would work.

Coaching Kids — so now that Little League is over I’m suffering a bit of a kid deficiency funk. I’m thinking I have a new goal. Two years from now, I want to have the confidence in my abilities, the knowledge and proficiency as well as the necessary certifications to be eligible to be a CrossFit Kids coach. What do you think? Pipe dream? Good idea? No?