Bench presses and ball slams? That’s sure to be a good day and it was!

WOD for Thursday 052412
Bench Press – Wide Grip
Establish 1RM for the day

Coach Ashley’s warm up of a run around the ball park, mobility and kettle bell work left me a sweaty mess! Not sure if it was the humidity on the day, the warm up alone or a combination of the two or what. But by the time we got to kettle bell shoulder retractions the sweat was pouring down my nose! I thought, “Wow. This could be a very rough morning.”

This was the second time that I’ve worked bench press at CFD and I didn’t check past results, so I had no expectations for a 1RM. That was kind of liberating. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but too often I walk into the box saying to myself, “OK, two weeks ago you did this lift and got to x. So logically today you should get to X+.” If I don’t get that X+, I get frustrated. There was none of that this day.

I worked up to 165# x 1. I could probably go a little higher, but not much.  Still felt like a decent effort for the day.

Afterall, this was the part of the WOD that I was really hungry for. 😉

8 Rounds For Time:
10 Ball Slams (30/20)
5 Deadhang Chinups
3 Broad Jumps

I’m a single parent this weekend. I knew the kids would make my life MISERABLE all weekend, if I woke them at 5:15 am Friday morning so daddy could go to the gym.  I also knew leaving them alone in the house unattended on a Friday morning would be a big deduction in my “daddy of the week” points. All that infomration on Thursday morning  added up  to the fact that I wasn’t coming back to the gym Friday and likely wouldn’t be getting back there until Monday. So I threw everything I had into this one. No pacing myself today.

I worked with a 25# ball for ball slams.

I tried a couple of strict dead hang chin ups in warm up. I can do a few (read 3). I experimented with kipping. It was immediately obvious that kipping would result in a trip to the emergency room for reconstructive oral surgery, so I abandoned that. I elected to go with jumping chin ups. I strung up a red band for insurance, but I’m pleased to say that I didn’t need to use it.

I got a bit out of synch midway through. The sequence really was quite simple: Slam-Chin-Jump-Write (ie: record the round completed). Simple, right? Yeah, well I screwed it up.

The 4th round I went slam-chin-write-slam. As I got back to the bar on the 5th round I thought, “Damn, that was a fast round. I’m all over this WOD.” Then I replayed the previous round in my head and realized what happened. So, after chinups and 6 broad jumps in the 5th round I was back on track.

Had no clue at the outset how fast this might go, so I had no real goal for completing it. I was beginning the 5th round at the 4 minute mark and thought, “Huh. 4 rounds in 4 minutes. 8 minute goal? Hmmm…better call it 9 minutes.” I JUST MISSED IT! Finished in 9:01. I believe I was the first person done in the 6:15 session. Which was good considering how much I carried on about the ball slams. It would have looked very silly, if I’d crashed and burned.

I think this was a Top 5 favorite METCON. I enjoyed it that much.

50 Band Pull Aparts
This was deceptively tough. After the WOD, I spent some time cheering on other folks before I got around to the pull aparts. Partly because I like to be supportive. Mostly though because I forgot all about them. 😉

By the time I started I figured one set of 20, then maybe sets of 15 and 15, or three sets of 10 should do the job. Yeah, right. I used a red band. First set was 25 reps. The remaining sets went 7, and three sets of 6! The burn was intense! Guess that’s precisely why we’re doing them though.