This was a very cool and challenging partner WOD. It was a treat to work out with a good friend and muscle our way through a very demanding workout.

WOD for Monday 052812
“21 Gun Salute”
For Time:
Partner #1:
21 Pullups
21 Burpee Box Jumps (20”)
21 Firemans Carry Back Squat
21 Burpee Box Jumps
21 Pullups
Partner #2 executes

Then repeat with each partner going through the entire workout again in turn.

My friend Craig and I partnered together for this workout. We’re pretty closely matched in terms of sheer pounds. There have been some partner WODs that involved fireman carries or other exercises that required you to move your partner’s mass and I’ve been self conscious about those. (If you’re inclined, you can read about that here. It also explains what partner WODs mean to me.) In the past, I’ve gotten matched with folks significantly smaller than me. I end up apologizing a lot on those days.

Before we got underway, I attempted a Fireman’s Carry Back Squat with Craig on my back. No way was I going to get through a total of 42 squats. That’s not a dig at Craig. It’s a simple statement of my state of strength. Fortunately, Dave, who lead the 9am session, had a few scale alternatives worked out. Craig and I elected to do the straight Fireman’s Carry. 21 paces out the sidewalk and 21 paces back.  There was one of those each round.

My goals were pretty simple. 1) Do every rep assigned to me. Last year I partnered with someone to tackle a different Hero WOD “Murph.” My partner did far more than half of the reps that day and while we did eventually complete the WOD somewhere in the last third of 300 air squats I damn near passed out! So while this isn’t the same workout. Simply completing all assigned reps would be a serious improvement over last Memorial Day.

Honestly, I was hoping Murph would be the Memorial Day WOD this year so I would be able to do an apples to apples 1 year later comparison. Ah well. Maybe he’ll show up on the calendar later this Summer.

Once Craig and I worked out the scale for the firemans’s carry, the only other question was who gets to go first. Being the educated gentlemen that we are we settled it in a mature responsible fashion. His rock crushed my scissors, therefore I went first.

Across the 4 sets in the two rounds, I used just about every variation of pull up that I know…kipping, jumping and banded. It was a pull up smorgasborg.

Burpee Box Jumps are like the vampires of crossfit. Craig and I agreed that of all the exercises in this WOD, these just sucked the life out of us. They made the last set of pullups on the end of each round really miserable.

In the end, we finished in 40:55. I was utterly gassed.

I find it amusing that I look at holidays with a whole new perspective. Rather than worry about sleeping in I look forward to holidays to see what over the top workout we’re going to take part in. It’s a pretty cool paradigm shift.

I was also very pleased to have the Whirlwind, my 8yo son, with me in the gym. He trains under his mother’s supervision and direction at his karate dojo. I like that occasionally he gets to see me train. He hears me talk about what I do at the gym. We frequently try to equate weights that I lift into equivalents he can understand like, “Daddy deadlifted one and a half of himself today!” But that’s not the same as him seeing his father be physically active at this level. It matters to me that he sees that now.

We also are sure to take some time to let him do some exercises out of the way of the other athletes. He’s kind of adopted the top of the 15 foot climbing rope as his personal bird’s nest to stay out of the way and watch the WODs. This weekend he also enjoyed some ring work and pulling and pushing the weight sled. Thanks, Dave for letting us have some fun with those. I appreciate it.