That’s exactly what I said to Coach Ashley post-WOD as she was recording everyone’s scores. She said something to the effect of, “Great job, everyone. That one was…” When she paused, I filled in the blanks. I hollered out across the box, “it was mean, nasty and ugly!” Then I collapsed on my back on the floor gasping for air. At the time, I didn’t say, “it was awesome,” but it really kind of was.

WOD for Thursday 060712

Hang Snatch
12-15 reps working up to 80% 1RM

Snatches started off frustrating. My first few reps were very slow and the bar felt really heavy at 75#. It was setting up to be a very frustrating morning. Then I realized I was lifting 95#. My attitude shifted dramatically and things went much smoother after that.

I did the requisite 12 lifts. They were all done from the first postion. There were far more solid ones than ugly ones today. Hips, feet, lock out, starting position (shoulders and chest) were all better today. Definitely could have afforded to get deeper in the catch. There were very few that I caught in a good deep squat. I was pretty sure that would be a challenge going into the day as my legs were still very tired from Monday and Tuesday’s WODs. That’s all right for today though.

All in all, I was satisfied with the lifts.

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
20 Wall Ball (20/14)
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
20 Burpees

Dave named this one the Terrible 20’s and it was! It was grueling. The first time I looked at this I thought, “huh, 5 rounds, maybe?” After the first round, I checked the clock and 3:30 or more had already gone by. I thought to myself, “Shit! I just hope I don’t pass out before completing 3!”  It was close.  I finished 3 rounds and 6 wall balls.

I used a 20# ball for the Wall Balls and a 35# plate for the walking lunges. Wall balls weren’t too bad. First two sets were unbroken. Third set went 10,5,5.

Walking lunges – first round unbroken meaning I never stopped walking and never lowered the plate from overhead. Second round 10 and 10. Third round 10 out, 5 back and then maybe 3 and 2. I’m really not sure. By the third round, I was so tired, my only goal had become, “just don’t put it (the plate) down!” I never did.

Burpees. Tore. Me. Up. Burpees are not a strong part of my repetoire but they hurt more than usual today. Not sure if it’s a cummulative effect of the rest of the week. No excuses. But the fact is I was just slogging through these. I need to learn to keep my body tighter all the way through them. I was floppy today.

Up until this WOD I had been thinking that if I could wrangle some extra time to get to an open gym session, I might take on the Open Qualifier WOD 12.1. I’m pretty sure that’s the correct identifier for the 7 minutes of burpees WOD. However, today’s WOD pounded that ambition clean out of my system. 😉

Music and WODs — I don’t usually get too worked up about the music in the moring. But it was tough to ignore today. Partly because Coach Ashley was so excited about her recent discovery of the 90’s Pop station on Pandora. We got to listen to that all morning long.

It was a bit weird listening to the Spice Girls while lifting. You can draw your own inappropriate conclusions. I’ll just say I found myself wondering what would constitute a “posh snatch.” What can I say? The mind wanders.

I’m also embarrassed to confess that I did find an extra bit of spring during the last set of burpees as Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby,” queued up and I found myself singing along.