Coming into today I  was not excited about this WOD at all. Don’t know why, but when I looked at this WOD Thursday night, all I saw was a lot of potential for disappointment and frustration. Glad to say I was very wrong.

WOD for Friday 060812
Sumo Deadlift
Establish 1RM

We’ve been shown this lift before and been encouraged but not required to practice it on other deadlift days. Normally I get very excited about new lifts, but from day one this one hasn’t excited me. It’s always felt very awkward. Since it was the lift of the day though, I figured I’d better suck it up and get used to it.

Ultimately, I worked up to 285#. That’s a fair way from my strict deadlift 1RM, but for today with a new lift, it was satisfying. One of the things I’m trying to work out is whether toes should be pointed forward or angled out slightly. Pointed forward, with the wide stance feels awkward. Pointed out feels more natural and comfortable, but I’m not clear if that’s the safer way to lift for my legs. Additionally, with the stance so wide and with toes pointed out, I’m self conscious about the potential for dropping some very heavy weights on my feet.

On the minute for 10 minutes:
2 Hang Power Cleans (80% 1RM)
Max Rep Double Unders

Double Unders were the main reason I was not looking foward to this workout. I have been trying to improve these and to challenge myself to only do, or at least only count, double unders or DU attempts. That was my plan going into today’s WOD too. The thought that I’d be counting a lot of individual DU’s and attempts was not real encouraging though.

I was being watched too. 😉 As we were setting up for the METCON, Ashley made a point of telling everyone, “If you’re double unders are close, I would highly encourage you to avoid the singles and only count the double unders and/or attempts.” As she was finishing this announcement, she was wandering by the platform where I was setting up, and she added in a lower voice, “Paul…” There was only one right answer, “Yes, Coach.”

Like so many other times, I appreciate the coaches’ push. Today, I was lucky. It paid off. Today double unders fell into place. I had numerous runs of 3 reps, several runs of 4 reps at a time and on at least two occasions strung together 5 consecutive double unders! Certainly not efficient. Certainly not going to set any double under records, but man this was significantly better than anything previous.

Who knows? Next time double unders come around I may be back to single reps and two rep sets, but for today, double unders were really in synch and that was a great feeling and I won’t dread them the next time they come around.

In the end the score for this WOD was the total accumulated Double Under reps and I spun off 118.

I was STUNNED at how well some other folks did! Drew knocked out over 300 reps and I believe Meghan also turned out 312! Awesome stuff, folks!

Oh yeah, the Hang Power Cleans — I worked those at 105#. They were fine, I guess. I admit, I was far more focused on DU’s today. At one point about midway through Ashley observed a set and reminded me “shoulders back and down when you start.” It was a great observation. When I kept it in mind for subsequent sets, they went much smoother.

Weighted Barbell Situps
3 sets of 8

Drew and I worked these together, anchoring each other’s feet for stability while the other did the sit ups. We used a 65# barbell and did all sets from the floor, rather than a bench. They were pretty tough.

For a WOD that I really didn’t want to take part in, it was a real good time this morning. It was a great WOD and a great way to finish the week.

So why was this the “Karaoke WOD?” Because apparently I can’t help but sing along when the music hits me. Coach Ashley was playing the Pandao 90’s Pop channel again today. While I confess to busting her chops about it a bit yesterday and today, apparently, I really am a fan. I have more 90’s pop music lyrics trapped in my brain than even I realized.

I caught myself singing along to Will Smith’s “Men in Black” during warm ups. But realized that it was physically impossible to “slide it with me,” while doing the pigeon pose stretching our hips, as Will instructed. but I could bounce it with him and make my neck work when he said to, so I guess that’s cool.  I also found myself singing along to Blind Melon’s “No Rain” in between deadlifts.

I apologized to Einar on the platform next to me because he was close enough to have to listen to me….but I didn’t stop singing. It was Friday. Things were rolling. Somehow the sing along seemed appropriate.