If you post a picture like this,

decreasing pant sizes

Bottom size 42’s from May 2011, Middle – size 40’s from Fall 2011, Top pair size 34 purchased 6/10/12. This Crossfit stuff works!

and you’re bragging about your ever decreasing waistline, you damn well better be at the gym the next day and you’d better bring your “A-game.” I was kind of self conscious of this as I went to the gym this morning and even joked about it with folks. Jack suggested that if he catches me missing a workout or two, the next time I show up he’s going to bring out a pair of my old jeans and wave them at me.

I think we should take it a step further. We’ll put a pair of the old trousers in the cubicles and if I’m there and anyone thinks I’m sandbagging, they can pull them out and wave them at me as a motivator. 😉

WOD for Monday 061112
Bench Press – Narrow Grip
Establish 1RM

“235. No exaggeration.”
So the last time I did a bench press was in late May. That was the first time I worked the bench press to establish a 1RM. I worked alone that day and got up to 165#. I was pretty sure back then that I could lift more, but didn’t know how much more. We figured it out pretty quick today.

I was fortunate to work with my friend Craig. We challenge and compliment each other pretty well. We’re intense and earnest about what we’re doing. We always want to do better. At the same time, we’re not too serious. We warmed up at 95# and moved quickly through 135 and 155 pounds. After 155, Craig asked what did I want to lift next.

“Well, since Jack says you never tie a PR, let’s go for 170,” I said. We hammered it out and the lift was not bad. It felt very solid. From there we moved to 185.

Jack saw this lift and commented, “you’re gonna max out around 230 or 235#. That was easy.”  I looked at him with a disbelieving stare because as he moved to coach the next lifter, he followed it with, “235, no exaggeration. You’ve got it.” Craig seemed to agree.

Next round was at 205 and that also went up smoothly. Then it got REAL tough, REAL fast.

“He’s really gonna make me do this!”
The last lift for the day at 225# was very difficult. I stalled about two-thirds, maybe three quarters,  of the way to the top and wasn’t convinced I could finish it. I didn’t want to quit, but really wasn’t sure I could push it to the top alone. Craig was spotting me and he was watching very carefully. He was challenging me too. I actually lie there stalled out long enough to run through the following internal monologue. “Damn, that’s it. I’m not gonna get this one. Ok, Craig, take it.”

Momentary pause and no help from Craig. Sharp as the guy is, he can’t read my mind. Or maybe he could. Then I realized, “Shit! He’s really gonna make me do this on my own! I gotta get serious.”

At that point, the lift became an exercise in leverage. I racheted up one arm a bit, then caught up with the other arm. I was wiggling on the bench as I was trying to grind my feet deeper into the floor. It was definitely tough and ugly but I finished it unassisted. It was a very satisfying feeling.
“Get in the game.”
Jack congratulated me on the new PR post-WOD. He also pointed out that with that benchpress, I could now qualify for a competitive challenge WOD that consists of max reps of Deadlifts, Squats (unclear if that’s Front or Back) and Benchpress.

I laughed and pointed out that it would be a VERY short competition for me. But always one to look at the bright side, Jack pointed out, “maybe, but now you know that at least you qualify.” I responded, “Yeah, you’re right. Nice to know I could get in the game.”

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Snatch Grip Deadlift (225/155)
10 Knees To Elbows
15 Box Jumps (20″)

I like the snatch grip deadlift. Getting low into the snatch start position felt like real good practice for me to rectify my strict deadlift habit of straightening my legs back first and clearing my knees forcing too much of the lift on my back. Starting with my butt down lower made it easier to concentrate on starting with the legs then engaging the hips, then straightening my back. Very cool.

Deliberated a lot about whether to do this one Rx or not. I’m confident that I could have done it, but I was trying to be smart and think ahead to 3 other WODs this week so I scaled to 205#. I don’t want to get to Friday and whine about being too tired, too sore whatever.

KTE were solid. Took a few reps to figure out the swing, but once I got rolling it went pretty smoothly. Truth be told, I know my knees didn’t touch the elbows every rep. Well, through the first two sets they really did and that’s solid progress. For the last three rounds, they didn’t touch all reps. They were the best reps I could pull off though and working these exercises this way is more productive then floor toe raises.

Box jumps were uneventful. All done unbroken. Finishing time for the WOD was 11:27 which seemed pretty on target.

75 Band Pull Aparts — I did these with a red band in sets of 15 and they were TOUGH.

It was definitely a good day.

Random Note: That picture of my pants has accumulated more likes and comments than any other picture of shared on Facebook. I find that flattering, humbling and amusing considering all the photos I’ve posted of kids and dogs over the years. Very amusing indeed.