Thursday was a lot fun. Things feel like they’re coming together in the box lately. That’s a reassuring feeling.

BenchPress 9 sets of 3 reps each at 50% of 1RM.
All reps were done at 125# and it was pretty smooth. 3 sets with narrow grip. 3 sets with medium grip. 3 sets wide grip. Not too much to note here. It is a interesting that we’re seeing the bench press come around more and more on the current program given how rare it was previously. Will be curious to see how it impacts other lifts.

No one said you couldn’t kip!
So in between the bench press work and the METCON we were supposed to do the following “3 sets of 8 pullups”.  That’s all that it said on the website Wednesday night and that’s all that was postd on the site Thursday. Yes, Coach Ashley I went back and checked! 😉

Somehow though I got scolded for doing kipping pull ups and not dead hang. It was all in good fun though. I did kipping for the first set. The second set, when I figured out folks around me were doing strict deadhang, I wound up doing a mix.

After that set, Ashley gave me some grief about the pullups were supposed to be deadhang and not kipping. I answered, “I know. I’m coming to a full stop and a dead hang in between each rep before I kip. That counts right?” Turns out, in her eyes..not so much. So for the last set I focused on strict deadhang pull ups.

In the process I’ve discovered I can’t not kip! I’ve gotten so infatutated with kipping  and spent so much time practicing reps that way that I automatically throw this back and forth rock into my pull ups. Now I feel like I have to unlearn the kip and I’m still REALLY weak at strict deadhangs. What does all that mean? It means Coach Ashley was right to tighten my shot group and make me focus on this. The last set was strict deadhangs, but I had to resort to a red band to get the 8 reps in. File this one under, “yet more things Paul still needs to work on.” It’s all good.

This one was a blast! I really really enjoyed the ladder METCON. This is one that I classify as a “grip it and rip it,” WOD. Not too much to concentrate on. Not too long. It was one where I just tried to set an aggressive pace and sustain it full 8 minutes. I love those.

1KB Swing
1 Burpee
2 KB Swing
2 Burpee and so on for 8 min.

I worked with a 62# KB. I had a perfectly servicable 52# kettle bell all picked out and Coach Ashley said I should go higher. She said, “the kettle bells should be heavy”. I said, “52# is heavy.” She said, “it should be heavier.” I went found a 62#. On the way back to the rack I said, “someone has an overdeveloped sense of confidence in my abilities.”  As ususal, the coaches know best. As a family aside, the Whirlwind found it absolutely hysterical to hear that I was essentially swinging him around all morning at the gym.

KB swings were all done Russian (eye level, thanks, Dave!) which was prescribed and all sets went unbroken.

Burpees were all unbroken as well, although I know my form deteriorated dramatically from about round 5 on. But I never paused or stopped.

I got through 10 complete rounds, an 11th round of swings and 2 more burpees. When it was done I found myself in a child’s pose right behind the kettle bell. If anyone noticed, it would have looked like I was worshipping the kettle bell. I was feeling pretty grateful the WOD was over, so in a way I guess I was.