Just some quick thoughts on Friday’s workout. It was a pretty cool day overall.

WOD for Friday 061512
12-15 reps at 80% 1RM

Cleans are coming together. Feels like I’m getting a bit more secure each time we practice them. Did 75# for 3 singles, 95# for 3 singles. After that was able to move up to 115# for 6 reps today. The lift still felt good at that weight. I missed one rep because of a mental lapse. I was focused on my lower half and had no timing for the shrug. Pretty much forgot it entirely. Ah well.

It was satisfying to add some weight and still feel reasonably stable and confident in the technique. None of the lifts were spastic. While no rep was ideal, they did feel reasonably consistent. It felt like I was catching the cleans deeper than other days, so that was a plus.

Coach Ashley was very generous with her time providing guidance on several reps. That’s always appreciated.

Trying to change my mindset a bit lately. Trying to not let lifts and maneuvers that I’m not fond of get inside my head. Trying to stay level headed and simply adopt a mindset of “be better at it than you were the last time.”

15 min AMRAP
Run 400M
10 Pull ups
15 push ups
20 Plate Squats (25/15)

This was a tough WOD, but it was a great way to finish off the week. Another tough one for me to guage and set overall goals for before hand. I really had no idea how many rounds I should be shooting for. I figured, if I got into 4 rounds that would be solid. Figured, my 400’s across a WOD average out to about 2:30 each. That would be 10 min of METCON time right there leaving only 5 to complete 4 rounds of the other accumulated exercises. When I worked that out, it didn’t seem very likely. I figured 3 complete rounds was the target for the day.

Pull ups were the highlight of the WOD today! The first set went unbroken for 10 kipping pull ups. I’ve never strung that many together before. Definitely gave me an extra shot of energy for the WOD. The other sets were not that successful. Second set was 6 and 4, and the final set was 5, 3,2. Still I was pleased.

Pushups were fine. First and second rounds were unbroken. Last round went 12 and 3.

Plate squats all went unbroken with the prescribed 25# plate. I’ll confess, I never stopped during the last set, but the pace was much slower than either of the previous two. It’s possible I was trying to time that set out to end in time with the clock to avoid a fourth run.

In the end, I finished 3 full rounds and took off on a 4th run with about 30 seconds remaining. I figure I went about 100M when the clock ran out. I’m pretty satisfied with that.