Another Friday with a great playground or backyard style WOD. It was another day that just reminds me how much fun all of this is.

Snatches – Establish a 1RM for the day
Snatches were just ok. I was tired coming into today and just felt kind of slow. I guess it showed because Ashley noticed on an early lift. That lady doesn’t miss a thing. She said I looked tentative and I should be more explosive/aggressive. She also pointed out that my challenge of the day was my extension. I wasn’t fully exploding my hips or extending my body upright before starting the shrug and pull. She was right again. As soon as I focused on that on the subsequent lifts things moved much better.

Ultimately worked through a dozen individual reps. 5 at 75; 5 at 95 and 2 at 115 with a failed attempt at 115. Wasn’t bad. If I’m really honest, my brain wasn’t completely in this part of the WOD. It was deep into the first offical weekend of Summer. I got the impression that I wasn’t the only one in the gym equivalent of a Thank God it’s Friday mindset.

50 Hell Burpees.

These were ridiculously fun to do! Definitely a “backyard/playground” challenge. (Here’s where I define “playground WODs“) It’s a maneuver that if you just take it at face value it borders on silly and I loved it! Great one for a Friday to finish off the week!

A Hell Burpee is where you drop into the plank position.  Hop back into the squatting position. Do half a backward roll so that your feet touch the floor somewhere behind your head. Roll forward to get your feet back under you and hop up. That’s one rep. It sounds like the kind of thing either small children would dream up, or grown ups would come up with while drunk. I’m not alone in this perspective. A few of us were discussing other “drunk exercises” like wall burpees and man makers during warm ups. No one could think these things up without a bit of chemical modification to inspire their creativity.

Please understand, I don’t say any of this to discredit the workout, or question the validity of the exercise. I have supreme respect for the coaches, the owner of CFD. All of these people know far more about fitness than I do. My back, neck and core are all sore in places that I don’t normally feel sore. I got a hell of a sweat on too. But on the surface of it, you have to admit that a dozen grown ups all rolling and hopping around like this had to look a bit goofy.

Hell, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I can do these Hell Burpees. I really didn’t expect to be able to make my feet touch the floor behind my head. When I got the first one, then I was motivated to make them all strict. That was a great motivator. I also found myself chuckling at my technique through most of the WOD. If I kept my feet square under me, that is I tried to keep my feet under my hips on the correct sides, I was unable to roll straight up to a standing position. BUT, if I crossed my feet, as I rolled up, I could push myself straight out of the seated position and hop right up. Very odd. Probably not a great technique. Seemed like the express lane to the ER with a rolled/sprained/broken ankle but it worked, so I went with it. I was very careful about how much pressure I was applying. Renee and I laughed after the WOD that she made the same discovery as she was doing her reps.

I was guessing that an 8 minute goal would be a solid time for this WOD. I was very pleased to bring it in at 7:54. I was was trying to keep pace with a couple other folks, using them as “rabbits” but they got away from me by just a couple of reps. So be it.

I think Hell Burpees might be one of my top 3 favorite exercises right now. I think they’d go fantastically in a WOD with my number one all time exercise ball slams. I’m thinking 5 rounds for time 10 ball slams, 10 hell burpees… that could be a lot of fun!

One of the things that amuses me most about this WOD is the irony to realize that I actually roll better now that my body shape is far less ball like than it was a year ago. That thought alone has kept a smile on my face since I left the gym this morning.