It was a good WOD to kick off the week after a week long vacation with the family. Just generally a fun day at the gym.

WOD for Monday 070212

Back Squat
Establish 1RM

Worked quickly today. Was successful at 285, but failed at 295. Should have seen it coming. Was trying to be conscientious about being fast. The result was I bottomed out releasing my glutes and hamstrings. I couldn’t push back up through once they released. Jack saw it on the 285 lift, but I was able to muscle through it. After the lift, he warned me not to go too deep. I tried to avoid it at 295, but still went too deep. If this was baseball, I’d say I I double-clutched it. You know that thing where you start a throw, but pull back cocking your arm a second time and then throw? It was that kind of sensation. Much as a double-clutched throw in an error, my double-clutched lift ended in a bail.

Jack and Craig were spotting the lift. I was descending quickly and suddenly (earlier than I was anticipating) Jack called out, “Good, up!” Instead of trying to climb I paused for an instant, then continued to drop. There was an instant of relaxation and and then I was pinned. I tried to force my way out but had to bail. I don’t know if I thought I was going to “bounce” my way out of the lift and try to gain some momentum by bottoming out and rebounding. I really don’t think I thought it through that far. The bar just got me today. I’ve done 300 before and really wanted to push past that today, but it wasn’t meant to be. Certainly wasn’t for lack of effort.

AMRAP in 9 minutes:
9 Pullups
9 Handstand Pushups

Dave had posted a video about band assisted HSPU’s and I wanted to experiment with those. So with Jack’s help/direction I set up some bands on a pull up bar. A green band hung vertically looped through itself and a blue band hung laterally through the green. The lateral band acts as a harness around your shoulders. The vertical band bears your weight and provides assistance during the reps.

Before starting Jack pointed out that the biggest challenge of using bands was “getting set up”. Since we were just doing pull ups and the HSPU’s. I’d never actually step away from the same bar so I figured there wouldn’t be any awkward transitions. I could do the pull ups in the band harness, then drop to the floor, kick up and do the HSPU’s. I quickly figured out that I misunderstood him.

The challenge is in kicking up once your hands are positioned on the floor. It’s quite difficult when inverted to locate the vertical band with the leg that just kicked up off the floor and to secure that leg by wrapping it around the band.

I got lucky in the first round of practice. I hooked the leg on the first attempt, did 4 or 5 quick reps, dismounted and said, “Ok. Seems straight forward.” Jack had observed and told me, “Nice. Next time get your hands and head in more of a triangle formation.” The next three times I tried to kick up I failed to find the band. The final attempt, I executed what had to be the slowest ugliest forward roll in the history of gymnastics.

I missed the band, straddled it and as I fell forward, the green band wrapped around my back slowing my descent. I tucked my head and chin under and allowed my arms to collapse. My body fell forward into an awkward silly roll and I wound up on one knee laughing at myself along with a couple of other folks. Jack then pointed out that this was precisely the issue he was referring to when he mentioned the challenge of getting set up. Lesson learned. I do want to practice this and get comfortable with it though. I feel like this has the potential to be a better technique for learning HSPU’s over using a box.

For the record, to all of my friends and coach, it’s not lost on me that there were at LEAST 3 people all standing within a stride or two of my rig and not one of them stepped up to reach out and grab an ankle and steady me as I went through my roll! Duly noted, ya’all! 😉 In the end, I set up a 24″ box for HSPU’s for the METCON.

Pullups — I was able to do two solid rounds of kipping pull ups before my arms got tired. I had to do all remaining rounds of pull ups as jumping pull ups. I really expected to be able to do more kipping pullups, but opted for speed over technique today.

In the end I got through 4 full rounds, 9 more pull ups and 4 HSPU. So 4 rounds + 13 reps.

Does anyone have recs/links on how to tape hands properly for pullups? I tried two wraps around the palms of my hands. By the end of the first round it was all bunched up and more distracting than helpful. I yanked it off between rounds.