Pretty decent day today, but in thinking about the WOD, I’ve got a few questions now and need some perspective. Help a guy out, yes?

Hang Snatch
12-15 reps up to 80% 1RM

Did lifts at 75 (two singles), 85 (4 singles), 95 (4 singles), 105 (2 singles) everything felt solid. Solid enough that I started feeling scrappy and jumped up to 1 rep at 125 to finish the morning. It was shallow, but stable. Most of the reps at the lighter weights all felt very comfortable. Lifts between 75-95 all feel consistent and solid. None are perfect, but the marjority seem solid. Feels like it’s time to push the envelope on this lift just a bit. Thinking that 105-110 should be my working weight for a while.

That being said, I have a question that might impact my thoughts on moving up. Do most folks find they can lift more doing a hang or full snatch? I understand in theory that a full snatch should be stronger. Generating more power with a full lift, shrug etc. should allow someone to lift more weight. But for me, I’m more comfortable, confident and can lift more from the hang. Suspect that it’s because the lift is simpler from the first position. There’s less to coordinate, less steps and body parts to synchronize. The simplicity makes it easier for me and therefore I’m able to lift more. What about other folks? What do you find?

3 Rounds for Time
400M Run
15 Power Cleans (Rx- 115/80)
15 Ring Dips

This was a tough and satisfying WOD. 400 splits continue to be farther apart than I like. 1:36, 1:49 and 2:02 respectively today. I understand and accept that splits will degrade over a WOD, but those gaps still seems excessive. I’m concluding that I’m still not pacing myself adequately over the course of a workout. I’d like to see all of them much closer to the 1:45 mark, then I’d feel like I was managing time and effort better. Thoughts?

Power Cleans were all done at 85# add were pretty smooth. First set went unbroken. Second and third were not. But I never let go of the bar or let it rest on the floor for more than a three count.

All ring dips were done with a red band. First set was unbroken. Not sure of the second. Third was not. Broke that down into 10 and 5.

Finished in 12:36.

Completely impressed by some of the other athletes this morning! Everyone was working hard, but Lexy, Einar and Griff all shredded the WOD making it look easy. I’m here to testify It. Was. Not. Way to go you guys!

Fourth of July WOD — normally I like to do the Hero WODs that fall on holidays. However, the holiday falls on Wednesday this week. That’s normally my rest day and I kind of feel like I need it. Plus, there’s no denying the planned WOD looks absolutely savage!

“BULL” 200 Double Unders, 50 Overhead Squats (Rx – 135# for men), 50 pull ups, 1 mile run — Do the whole thing twice for time! No matter how I scaled that WOD, if I did that as a third straight day of CrossFit, it would be Monday before I recovered enough to head back to the gym! So I’m going to listen to my body, get my rest and stick to my normal week day schedule. I tip my hat to anyone who takes that WOD on tomorrow in the full Durham heat.