Lawdy, Lawdy, an Rx WOD and shorts so gaudy! Friday was a real good time at Crossfit Durham. Let me tell you a bit about it.

WOD for Friday 070612
Muscle Ups
Perform 2-5 reps per minute on the minute for 12 minutes

I worked on transitions in the rings seated in a blue band again. Made sure to do no less than 3 reps each minute for the full 12 minutes.

Really tried to focus on popping the hips upward first before pulling with the arms and hands. It’s a tricky thing to do.

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
10 Jumping Chest To Bar Pullups

So my current 1RM for a deadlift is 350#. 80% of that would be 280, right? 275# sounded close enough 😉

This was a TOUGH WOD! After the 3rd round, maybe sooner, I was simply lifting then dropping the bar after every rep. It was too much to return it to the floor each lift.

I had to stop and rest my elbows on my knees when moving between deadlifts and pullups at the end of the 4th and 5th rounds because the gym was spinning on it’s own axis.

Jumping pull ups were tough. Coach Ashley was right that these caught up to me more than I anticipated.

By the time I was going into the 5th round, everyone else in the 6:15 session was done. So I had lots of attention and encouragement from all corners. Thanks, folks. I do appreciate it!

In the end, I muscled through this one in 10:48 Rx. Pretty satisfying to finish the week with an Rx WOD.

100 Rear Delt Face Pulls — I may have done myself a bit of a disservice here doing these with a purple band, the smallest in the gym. All the red ones were occuppied and I didn’t think I had it in me at that stage to work with a blue band.  Sets were done 30, 30 25 and 15, I believe.

Gaudy Short Competition.

So a while back, I bought these shorts (insert picture).

guady shorts

The original pair of gaudy shorts that have inspired a competition

At the time Jess, a friend who rides with me to the gym most mornings, and I concocted this notion of conducting a “gaudiest gym shorts” contest at CFD. The general notion was find the tackiest nastiest shorts you can. Wear them to the gym. Have your picture taken in the box and post it to Facebook and the person that accumulated the most votes or likes would “win.”

The idea never really went much further than that. Not sure why. Partly because we didn’t come up with any sort of prize beyond bragging rights. Anyway, I wore the gaudy shorts to the box yesterday and they caught the eye of my friend, Lexy.

She commented on how bright they were and I explained the concept behind the contest. She liked the idea and challenged me to a show down Friday morning.

So the first round of the 6:15 am Crossfit went down today.

I put together this ensemble. Yes, I actually went out in public dressed like this.

I don’t think it’s overstating things to call this “brilliant.”

Lexy, adhering to the literal name of the contest, went with this option limiting her gaudiness to her shorts.

Doing our best to brighten up an early morning WOD

Coach Ashley also got into the spirit of the game and wore this…

The Coaches Ashley and Lexy.

So now’s your chance folks…let us all know, Who wore the gaudiest shorts for the inaugural gaudy shorts contest?

Fair warning, we’re gonna do this again. And anyone is welcome to enter. I think the next round is going to be in two weeks. Will keep you posted. 😉