It was a solid start to the week. Felt good to kick it off strong but not go crazy.

WOD for Monday 070912
Hang Clean
12-15 reps up to 80% 1RM

We had a Guest Coach, one  Coach Ashley T. Denton, in the 6:15 session! Coach ATD was my very first CrossFit Coach. It was great fun to be working out under her guidance again. Plus, I always enjoy getting another coach’s perspective on my lifting technique so this was very cool.

I really liked today’s warm up. 3 rounds of 3 high box jumps (30″ platform), 5 KB High Pulls and 3 broad jumps. It was a quick and very effective. Also not stuff we normally incorporate into a warm up, so it was a welcome change of pace. Most warm up sessions are gradual. With all the jumping this one seemed pretty explosive. That was fun.


With regards to the cleans all reps were singles done from the first position. The first three sets of 45 x 3, 75 x 3, 95 x 4 all felt really good. I was catching deep and landing solid with elbows up. I didn’t catch all of them in a full squat, but much deeper than other occasions. I also made sure that if I didn’t make the catch in a full squat, then I was sure to drop before standing on all reps.

During a middle set Ashley helped me better understand the start point when lifting from the first position. It seems the way I’ve been positioning myself I’m overly dependent on my quads and arms to lift. This is not a surprise. I’ve been told this before. Well, I knew I was relying too much on my arms and often not using enough hip, but the perspective that my start position was too dependent on my quads was new. Plus, I did think I was getting better at correcting this stuff, but fresh eyes are always appreciated.

Today, Ashley was able to help me with some new cues that I haven’t heard before. What really clicked for me was how she showed me how that first position of the clean is so similar to the start position for a push press. I’d never made that connection before. But once she showed me the advantage was obvious right away. Ashley pointed out that it’s not something that’s immediately fixed. It’s a thing that I’m going to have to concentrate on over time to make this new position the correct habit, but it was a very cool learning point. Thanks, Coach!

After the 95’s, I went to 125# and did 2 reps here. I missed the first one. I got very deep but set too far back on my heels. I knew I was going to roll backwards so I dumped the bar forward almost immediately. No big deal. The follow up lift felt very good. I did a single at 145# and it also felt good.

We were running out of time, but 145 felt good enough that decided to go after one more lift at 165#. To me, it was important to do because 165 matches my old 1RM prior to my wrist injury. Remember, I was doing cleans when I sprained my wrist back in Jan or Feb. I spent 3 weeks in a splint and quite some time after the splint came off working back to full health on that side. I missed it once, but was determined to make it happen, so I took another shot at it.

It was an ugly lift, but it was successful.  Even though form was not great. Hell, the form wasn’t even good. (But rest assured I cleared those elbows out fast and brought them up high!) The fact that I could match that old PR without any discomfort is a big confidence boost. Just the fact that I could catch it and stand it up does good things for my head space timing. I feel solid pushing that lift further now. Basically, the clean doesn’t intimidate me anymore.

Complete 5 Rounds:
10 KB Snatch – right (52/35)
Walk 50m w/KB in overhead position – right
10 KB Snatch – left
Walk 50m w/KB in overhead position – left

*Rest 60 seconds between rounds

Really like this METCON. Was very tempted to go Rx but a few experimental snatches at 52# with the weak side left hand during warm ups made it clear that scaling back was the way to go. So I used a 44# KB.

I almost changed my mind again and chased the Rx when I saw Craig pull down a 52# KB. I decided to stay focused on the week ahead and not overdo it in the first workout of the week. I’ve got to say, “Congratulations” to Craig. I’m pretty sure he was the only male to do the WOD Rx in our session and he was the first one done. Well done, friend. Well done. It was impressive to watch.

I finished the WOD in 8:45 – working time and I’m pretty satisfied with that. Met both of my goals of all snatches and walks unbroken. Good stuff.