WOD for Friday 071312
Floor Press – medium grip
Establish 1RM

Love going to the gym when we’re doing lifts I haven’t done before. As Coach Ashley pointed out, “you’re guaranteed to PR,” so it’s automatically a good day! That being said, knowing that my bench press 1RM is 225#, my goal for the day was to be in that vicinity. I was sure I wanted to be over 200#, but wasn’t sure after that what would be reasonable to expect.

It was a big crowd for the 6:15 crew. There were at least a dozen of us, probably more. That meant we had to partner up on the racks. Not just for space, but for safety too. My friend Craig and I worked together. That’s always cool. I think I’ve said it before, but we challenge and support each other well. We pushed through reps pretty quickly this morning. Ultimately, I topped out at exactly 225#. That’s 5# over body weight and I’m very pleased with that.

All of the lifts under 200# felt very good. All of the single reps at 205#, 215# and 225# were a bit lopsided. One arm was just pushing up stronger and faster than the other. Oddly though it seemed like it was the left arm that was leading today. My left arm/side is usually my weak side. Suppose it’s possible that I was conscious of that and compensating, but it wasn’t a deliberate decision.

I’m wondering now which lift floor or bench press are folks stronger at? Floor press is a smaller range of motion, so I could see how that might make for a heavier lift. You just don’t have to push the weight as far so in theory it should be possible to move more weight, right? Somehow though it seems like the bench press might yield higher lifts more often. Don’t know. What do other folks find?

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
10 Pushups w/hand release
10 Ball Situps
10 Pistols (5 each leg)

Only conscious goal for the METCON was to not stop wire to wire. There have been too many WODs lately where it felt like I’ve been taking too long with sets pausing to catch my breath. I really wanted to find a challenging pace that I could sustain for the entire METCON. All of today’s exercises are straight forward. I can’t do them all strict/rx, but I’m comfortable and familiar with the scaling options, so there was no excuse there. The key was to find a pace that I could maintain for 12 minutes. Push ups and sit ups (with a 30# ball) were all done strict. I did pistols holding onto a post for the pull up rig.

Pleased to say I did 6 rounds plus 23 additional reps and other than pausing to write a tick mark at the end of each round to record it, I did not stop. Seemed like a solid pace. I was pretty spent when it was all said and done and I left behind quite the sweat angel when I crawled up off the floor, so I’d call it a solid effort.

Pull Aparts
100 reps

I almost missed these. I would have walked out of the gym without doing them if Greg hadn’t caught my attention and reminded me. It wasn’t a deliberate attempt to avoid them. Simply forgot. By the time I got to the rack all the red and blue bands were being employed. So I grabbed a purple (lightest) and did at least one full wrap around each fist to tighten it up. I intended to do four sets of 25 reps. Well, that worked for the first set. After that I alternated sets of 10 and 15 until complete. Very surprising that such a simple motion is such a muscle burner.

All in all, it’s been a very good week. Feel like things are continuing to progress. The Westside model that the gym is using seems to be paying dividends. PR’s continue to come at a very satisfying pace. Somehow the workouts seem a bit less punishing than they have in other models. They certainly aren’t any less demanding. I just know that in previous months during other cycles, my joints (particularly my knees) were feeling really pounded and stressed out. It had gotten to the point a few times where I was wondering if I would need to scale back how many visits I made to the gym each week. With the current cycle of WODs, I don’t have that same punished ground up feeling. That’s very cool.