These are the things I tried to keep in mind today while working out. For the most part it worked.

WOD for Thursday 071912
Establish 1RM

Tried to be aggressive about the weight progressions. Some days I’m too conservative about how I progress through weights and I expend too much time and energy working up towards heavy weights. Today I tried something different. 3 quick reps at 75#. Nothing felt grossly out of whack so then I jumped to 115#. 5 lifts at this weight. I missed the second one. I was simply too far forward top to bottom. Jack observed a couple at this weight and advised that the ones he saw looked solid and that when I’m aggressive, meaning I accelerate the bar quickly once it rises above my knees and extend my hips and body completely, then it looks easy.

Wrestled for a while with where to jump to next. 125 seemed like the logical progression, but a few things happened. First, I couldn’t find 5lb plates to make a simple 10lb jump. They were all being employed somewhere. Then it occured to me, 125 would match my old PR. Well, you never match a PR right? So then I started working out the combination of plates I would need to get to 130#. Suddenly it just seemed a whole lot simpler to strip the bar entirely, add 45# plates and go after 135#. So that’s what I did. I figured “What the hell? Be aggressive.”

The first lift was successful, if not pretty. I was sure I could do it again and do it with better form. But I mised the next two attempts. I believe part of that has to do with rituals (which is a post all on its own). Snatches – If I deadlift the bar first, then work down carefully through the 3 positions, I almost never miss a lift. Some have better form than others, but I almost never have to bail. When I walk up to the bar and simply try to assume position 3 and snatch I consistently fail. It feels comparable to a baseball player going through preswing rituals in the batter’s box. Touch the bill of the helmet. Tighten the batting gloves. Touch the belt buckle. Adjust the athletic supporter. Everything’s in place? Ok. Good to go. Step into the box and wait for the pitch.

Part of it had to do with mindset. Some folks have told me, “if you PR, just walk away. The day won’t get any better.” To a degree, I get that and I think that’s part of what happened on those two misses. I already PR’d there was nothing else to gain today, so maybe I didn’t give it my full concentration and effort. However, after missing a lift twice which I had just done successfully, my frustration and focus were both elevated enough to provide the agression to lift it successfully one final time. The lift was better than the first one. It could still be better. I could catch it deeper and lock the arms and shoulders out better. Jack did provide some very encouraging feedback on that lift. He told me “If you could do it that way every time, there’s another 10 pounds easy. Maybe 20.” Something to keep in mind and something to shoot for next time.

5 Rounds For Time:
10/25/50m Shuttle Run
1 minute – max rep Pullups

I totally misunderstood this METCON when I read it. I thought we were doing 5 rounds of shuttle runs, then coming inside and doing 1 round of pull ups as a finisher. I was kind of flabbergasted when Jack explained that there were going to be 5 rounds each of shuttle runs AND pull ups.

Shuttle runs were fine. I was trying to track my splits on this, but trying to keep track of the number of rounds, and the total reps for pull ups, and then try to track splits was more than my brain could hold. In the spirit of the WOD and trying to stay in motion, I didn’t take the time to write them down. I do know I slogged through the 3rd and 4th rounds. I’m certain they were markedly slower than the first two.

Pull ups –– I got 10 the first round and made the spontaneous commitment/goal to do at least that many each round. Couldn’t quite pull it off. 10 each for the first 3 rounds, only 6 in the 4th and 8 in the 5th. Total reps 44 pull ups. Total time to finish 8:40. I was one of the last ones done, but I take satisfaction in the thought that I could do a METCON with pull ups Rx. That hasn’t always been the case. It was a good day.

50 Double Unders Cashout — Had about 6 minutes or so after completing the METCON. After complaining about DU’s yesterday, and acknowleging again that they’re a weakness, I took some initiative and personal responsibility and did 50 double unders before leaving. The results were mixed. Most runs ranged 3-5 reps. A couple were 5-10. Had one run that was just short of 15 reps. It’s almost silly how exciting that is.