A quick and only moderately organized collection of thoughts regarding the workout on 7/23

WOD for Monday 072312
Press (65%)
9 sets of 3 reps w/60 seconds rest between

Worked all reps at 85# this morning. I’ve only now realized 65% of my 1RM of 145# is 94.25#. It was an honest mistake. I swear. I’m sure I’ll overdo it somewhere later in the week and it will all shake out on the balance sheet.

Most interesting part of the work out was that we took turns warming up using the bamboo bar with kettle bells suspended via bands. You know me. I always like playing with a new toy. Today was no exception.

I have no idea what the weights of the kettle bells were. I just know for two rounds we had one kettle bell hanging from each side and for the last two rounds some of us added a second kettle bell on each side.

For my experience, the adjective that best describes the sensation of working with that bar and configuration is fluid. Things were rocking all over, but if you could find a smooth fluid motion, then things stablized pretty well. It was a pretty unique feeling.

Even more curious was the sensation that carried over to the barbell press. A few of us agreed that in moving from the bamboo bar to the standard bar we all experienced a feeling that I can only describe as sea legs.

You know the feeling you get when you walk on solid ground after hours in a boat on rolling water? It was that. The same way your ears and legs anticipate the rocking of waves and you step wider or left and right slightly as you walk on the dock. I found my arms anticipating the rocking of the bands and kettlebells while working through the first few rounds with the standard bar. So I wasn’t just lifting up and down. I found myself pushing my arms up and away anticipating a swing that never came. That was pretty funky.

I’m honestly not sure what to do with that information. Not sure how leverage it in future training, but it was neat to experience.

3 sets of 8 reps

These went pretty well. It still amuses me that I’m significantly stronger at chin ups compared to pull ups. First set of 8 was unassisted and we’ll call it “reasonably strict.” That is there was minimal kipping going on. The second set was 8 jumping chin ups. Which was fine until I clanked my chin on the 8th rep. Suddenly jumping chin ups didn’t seem like much fun any more.

The last set was strcit,  but with LOTS of kip and broken into 4, 2, 1 and 1. That last one was a bear to come by.

7 Rounds For Time:
7 DB Shoulder to Overhead (heavy)
5 Max Broad Jumps

Used 30# dumb bells for this one. I still had this WOD on the brain when I saw DB work assigned today. I wasn’t going anywhere near 40# even though it was explained that these weren’t thrusters. They just had to go shoulder to overhead and we could pick our own technique, jerks, press, push press, whatever.

Still, I was determined not to get carried away. I chose to do push presses. It was a decent choice. All shoulder to overhead were done unbroken, so I suppose you could make the case that I should/could’ve gone a bit heavier.

Broad jumps were not as strong as I would have liked. They were quick, but I was jumping somewhere between 6-7 ft each jump. I know because I was jumping long ways across an 8ft sheet of plywood. Feel like I probably should have cleared that more often than not. Ah well.

This turned out to be a MUCH faster WOD than I anticipated. I finished middle of the pack at 5:13. We didn’t start the METCON until well after 7 and I was thinking that we’d be running well over into the 7:15 crew’s time. But it wasn’t even close. Big props to coach Jack for his time management skills! We were all done, cleared out and I had time to grab a jump rope and practice some double unders. Only did 25 reps. I intended to do 50, but the rhythm wasn’t there today. I finished with a strong run of 5 reps that left me at 25 and decided to walk away with a hit.