So Tuesday tore me up and had me down. Thursday’s WOD was a great one to help recover my attitude. No revelations, or PR’s just a solid day.

WOD for Thursday 072612
Establish 1RM
My current 1RM is 350#. I had high hopes of breaking that today. We were supposed to do 12-15 lifts, basically on the minute working up to a 1RM for the day. I find it’s tough to accomplish that many lifts with deadlifts. You spend so much time traveling back and forth acquiring and adjusting weights that time just gets away.

Anyway, I got successful lifts of 125, 225, 255 and 325 in. Then I got aggressive and kinda stubborn. I jumped to 365# and failed to lift it. Rather than back the weight down. I jut had it in my head that I should be able to lift it. I made 3 more attempts. It wasn’t there.

Maybe I should have backed the weight down, but it really felt like I should have been able to lift that. Coach Ashley T observed at least two of the three lifts and she agreed that she thought I should be able to do it. The first two lifts I got the bar to mid-shin. Ashley said I was forward on my feet and that held me back. Need to try to stay back on my heels more. I think the challenge right now is mental not physical. We’ll see.

For Time:
Run 800m
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps
Ball Slams (30/20)
KB Swings (70/52)
Run 800m

I was SO looking forward to this WOD after Tuesday. My love of Ball Slams is well documented. I enjoy kettlebell swings too, but not with the same sort of passion. Still I consider them one of my stronger exercises.

The runs…meh. I’ll say that of all the distances we run, the 800 is my preferred distance. I’m not strong at it, but it’s the most comfortable for me.

First run was done in roughly 3:45. That’s solid for me. All Ball Slams and KB swings were done Rx. Ball Slams went unbroken. KB swings could have gone unbroken, if I could count. As simple as this WOD was, I still managed to get myself confused and lose track of rounds/reps at least once.

It should have been easy. Do 10 ball slams, do 10 KB Swings. 9 ball slams, 9 KB swings, work your way down the ladder. Can’t be much simpler right? In keeping track of reps I guess I lost sight of the sequence of the exercises.

In the round of 8, I did the ball slams and moved to KB swings. I did seven, put it down, moved to the slam ball. When  I picked it up to do that round of 7, I realized I was on the front end of that round, not the back. I’d missed a swing. I dropped the ball, went back to the bell, got one last rep and then moved on.

I was back out the door for the last run at roughly 10:20.

At that point, I had my sights set on coming in under 15 minutes. I figured over 4 and a half minutes to do the last 800 should be attainable. I was wrong. The last 800 took me a full 5 minutes. This is the first time I think I probably should have ignored the 800M loop and run the 400M hill twice. I believe part of the reason the first run was successful was because I did run the loop with a pack of folks. We all started at the same time and I could gauge myself based on where runners were around me. The second run, I was all alone out on the loop and had no sense of time. Perhaps, if I’d run the 400M hill twice, I would have been better able to measure myself against other folks and would have been stronger. Perhaps.

Final time 15:21

I’m very satisfied with the effort and attitude on both portions of the WOD today. I’m a bit disappointed in the end results. Still it was a very good day.