Any WOD bearing the name “Charlie Foxtrot” should give you pause. Fortunately, it went far better than the name would suggest.

WOD for Friday 072712
Clean Pulls
5 sets of 2 reps @ 100% Clean 1RM
8-10 Reps @80% 1RM

Coach Ashley Denton was leading the crew today! Very cool. Different coaches mean fresh perspectives on our lifting. That’s a great opportunity, so a fresh set of eyes are always welcome. It paid dividends too!

All pulls were done at 1RM of 165#. Cleans were all done at 135#. Did well over a dozen full cleans.

Ashley came by during some of my last full cleans and explained that I should concentrate on really extending my hips a bit longer. I’ve heard this before, but Ashley either knows me very well and/or happened into an analogy that I can relate to…baseball.

As she explained at the time, you continue to extend and explode your hips through the clean even after the bar has bounced off the hips. She related it to hitting a baseball. A batter doesn’t stop swinging the instant he or she makes contact. The batter swings through!

The cue I adopted in my head for the next few lifts was, “Swing through!”  Using this the last three lifts were very solid.

This is not the first time I’m finding if I can tie the movement in the gym to a baseball situation, it just sticks better. More and more the cues and analogies that I’m drawing on are baseball related.

The format for this strength session really seemed productive too. Concentrating on the pull for a while, then transferring that over to the full clean at a lower weight made the whole thing very tangible.

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
10 Clusters (95/65)
30 Double Unders

So for folks who may not be familiar, a Cluster is closely related to a Thruster. When you do a thruster you rack the barbell on your chest, squat down, stand up explosively and press the barbell over your head at the top of your stance. Return the bar to your chest. That’s one rep. Clusters begin with the bar on the floor and you’re required to do a full squat clean each rep, so it’s a bit more complicated.

I really wanted to know how many Rx Clusters I could do inside of 12 minutes. The goals for the day were 1) Do the WOD Rx; 2) Do more than 4 rounds.

Unfortunately, my double unders made that impossible. I don’t know about the first two sets, but I do know that the last set took me just short of 3 mintues to complete 30 double unders. That has to change. I am practicing them on my own. I am not practicing them enough. I will change that. I’m tired of whining about them and I’m tired of them holding me back. So I’ll fix it.

In the end, I completed 3 rounds + 6 Clusters.

But I did find what I was looking for in my reconnaissance and I’m feeling good. It was a solid way to finish of my WOD week.