Big energetic crowd. Lots of back and forth. Lots of high-intensity exercise. Very good day indeed.

WOD for Tuesday 073112
Bench Press (50%)
9×3 (3 grips)

These were all done at 115# with red bands to add the dynamic element to the lifting. I’ve said it before, I’m a big fan of the bands. So it was cool by me.

Worked with Craig and Einar, damn those guys are strong! Very cool to be working out with so many folks who inspire, challenge and give me something to shoot for. All the lifts felt fast, explosive and aggressive. So it felt like we were doing it right.

3 sets of 8

I tried hard today to tighten my kips. Keeping in mind what Coach Allison taught us in the gymnastics seminar a couple of weeks ago I focused on initiating the kip in my lats and minimizing the use of my hips. I had mixed success.

The challenge I’m finding is that on the descent, I’ve got to figure out the appropriate flex in the arms. Extend the arms out away from the bar too far, then the swing gets too wild very quickly. Too little flex with the arms too loose and it feels more like I’m falling past the bar and snapping my arms at the bottom throwing off the rhythm. There’s a middle ground there somewhere that I can’t reproduce or maintain on demand yet.

I had it to start. First set went 8 unbroken and it felt like I could have done more. Second set was 6 and 2 and the final set was 4 and 4, I think.

I’m told I was grunting during the pull ups. I don’t know. I don’t listen to me. I’m frequently surprised to discover that anyone else does, but I digress. Apparently, the grunting was enough that Lexy made a note of it.

My response was, “that’s because good pull ups all start in the diaphragm. It’s a common misconception that they’re initiated in the lats, hips or shoulders and arms, etc. They’re not. Pull ups start in the diaphragm.” I don’t believe she believed me. Ah well.

Lexy’s a good sport. She added a mock grunt with her next few reps and I told her, “See? Now you have to admit those pull ups were much more satisfying than the ones before, weren’t they?”

3 Rounds For Time:
15 Hang Power Snatch (96/65)
Run 400m

Only goal for the day for this WOD was to perform it Rx. Pleased to say that I did accomplish that. So overall I’m satisfied. However, in doing that I finished the WOD in 12:21 and was one of the last folks done in the early session.  I offer that for scale.  I suspect this WOD was supposed to be done quicker. I’m guessing it wasn’t intended to be a more than 10 minute event, if scaled correctly. I could be wrong though.

I know and understand the arguments about scaling appropriately. Today though Rx seemed like a solid choice. 95# is about 70# of my 1RM for a full snatch. It seemed like a solid, but not overwhelming challenge for a hang power snatch. In the end, I’m not sure who I’m trying to convince here. I’m good with it.

To break down the exercises:
Hang Power Snatches — No set went unbroken, however the bar never touched the floor in the first set. Second round was two subsets of 7 and 8 reps and I did put the bar down. Last round 3 sets of 5 and the bar hit the floor after every set.

All Runs were in the vicinity of two minutes. I didn’t track them close.

There was still some time after the METCON so I took 5 minutes to practice double unders. They were at least consistent. Every time I started/restarted, I got 5 reps at a clip. No more, no less. Some days I range between 2-10. So it is what it is. Just trying to get more practice and get more comfortable at them.

Random note: This Friday will be another Funky Friday/Gaudy Shorts competition, so I’ve got to go shopping. 😉