Nice start to the WOD week. Worked hard, but resisted the urge to push my luck.WOD for

Monday 080612
Muscle Ups
3-5 reps on the minute for 12 minutes

Used a blue band again for seated transitions. Really tried to find a tension level where the bands helped, but the reps were still a challenge. It’s always so tempting, especially in the late sets to crank down on the band and remove all the tension, so that I’m sitting higher in the seat.

I was much closer to a fully extended arm than I’ve been in past session. Curious to tinker with a red band next time. Maybe.

Was able to do 6 sets of 3 and six sets of 2 for a total of 30 reps. The fact that I wasn’t able to “max out” 5 reps a set at a fully extended arm, should probably satisfy my curiousity about whether or not I should go to a lighter band doesn’t it? Probably not ready to shift just yet.

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
20 Ring Push Ups
20 Ball Slams (30/20)

I liked this one. Runs were pretty consistent between 2:00 – 2:15. Tried to remember the advice that other’s have provided and at the start of the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I didn’t rush out of the box. I walked (with a purpose) to the 400M start pole and really concentrated on recovering my breathing while getting there. By the time I hit the start line, I truly felt “ready to run”. Obviously those times are not good run times, but they’re solid for me. I’m more satisfied with that grouping as opposed to running a 1:30, a 2:15 and a 3 something. Hey, it’s happened before.

Ring push ups were tough. Worked with my feet on a 17″ box and rings flush to the top of the box. Round one unbroken, Round 2 was 10, 5 and 5 reps. Round 3 went 10, 3, 3, 2, 2. Side note: those 2″ cargo straps used to support the rings HURT when they’re rubbing against sunburned shoulders. Ouch!

20 Ball Slams — 30# ball — All three sets unbroken. My form got ugly late in the WOD. Really had to concentrate to sit back on the heels and keep the chest up. I kept wanting to dive forward to follow and catch the slam ball.

So I said I resisted the urge to push my luck…Before the start of the METCON, Coach Ashley noted my ring set up and asked, “so how do you feel about making those ring push ups a bit harder.”

I told her, “I’m not sure. What have you got in mind?”

She suggested dropping the rings lower and I told her, “honestly, I’m already worried about getting through that third set.”

Ashley said, “the rings should be the same height as the box.”

I said, “I thought they were,” and I slid my box to the rings so she could see that that bottom edge of the rings touched the top edge of the box.

Once she saw this, she said, “Oh yeah, that’s just about perfect. You’re good.”

Somewhere during the last round, (somewhere amongt the realm of 3 reps, 3 reps 2 reps, 2 reps) Ashley was offering encouragement to “get back on the box and finish them up.”

My answer was, “OK, but they sure didn’t need to be any harder!” We both laughed.

Final time 13:28. Pretty satisfied with that. It was a tough workout. I stayed within my abilities and stuck to my plan.

Double Under practice: 5 minutes. Pretty good runs all 5-7 reps each. That’s progress. I noticed a new challenge though. I’m traveling now as I jump….backwards at that! If I start on the front end of a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood that make up our lifting platforms, then 5 reps later, I’m at the other end of the board. If I string 10 reps together, I’m going to back into a wall! 😉 Rachel only half jokingly suggested practicing on the sidewalk outside, with my back to the incline. New day, new challenges. It’s all good.